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Man, this is fucked up

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my man, you are one dumb idiot. Do you realize that? Who ever said I was going to get caught? And whoever said I do things in a manner that would get me caught?




I'm a dumb idiot?

Apparently you're the dumbass who thinks you're going to go on smashing dudes broads and not get caught.

If you were really leading the life that you claim to live yuo'd already have been caught by now.

Keep trying to convince us what a pimp you are.

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WHAT. haha, you've mellowed apparently. had no idea


im old and shit and have a real job and what not... 12oz doesn't have the same allure.


i mostly come on when im tired of looking at code. i can't follow what goes on in here anymore.

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Eh, I dont give a fuck about his religious beliefs. I told him straight out that shit is fake.


I guess the real deal is, do I keep telling this guy what a asshole he is and to get out? Or let him find out on his own, because its not like they keep their adventures quiet...there is WHOLE photobooks on facebook that will snitch on them


you're a hater

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strange to want more ass, or strange to want to continue to prove to myself that this whole one person one relationship concept is something made up by society to sell Valentine's chocolates? Does anyone have parents who arent divorced anymore?








right here

wise words.




di'que what u guna say if u get caught. Whats with all this getting caught? i thought there were supposed to be graffiti writers in this forum??

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you're a hater


I dont see how I am a hater when I am trying to give duder solid advice so he doesnt get his teeth kicked in when her man finds out.


Plus I only told him once about it, that is my thing. I will give you advice once when you come boo hooing to me about your life. If you dont take it then I dont say shit to your game. But dont come boo hooing if you end up the loser.

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