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Man, this is fucked up

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So it seems like a lot of people I know are deciding that the relationship they are in is over and moving on or divorcing. But this one dude I work with, he just got a divorce from his wife and he was pretty broke up about it, saying that his was the love of his life blah, blah, blah. So I just listened to his story and told him to get over it, disregard females and acquire European currency.


Well now homie is divorced and been living the life.....but, with some chick that wants to separate from her man. Now I really dont care but I kind of think that it is really disrespectful to be on some ones wife while dude is away, it doesnt matter if she wants to leave him anyways. I told dude to watch the fuck out, cause if I was her man and I found out I would be beating his ass...plus, he can get in some serious trouble if dude wants to get our work and bosses involved.


Anyways no matter what I told this dude he is still hanging out with this married girl, she has a kid but I never see her with it, they go out to all these fancy trips, and he is even sleeping in her house WHILE HER DUDE IS OUT OF TOWN!!


Damn. Seems like no matter what you try to tell people, they just need to fall on their face to learn



-end rant-

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The thing with both of these people is that they are "God-fearing Christians" that go to church with each other every Sunday and act like they are "better" people than us because we think God is imaginary.

I just find it totally hypocritical of them both.

He was saying a few months ago (about his recent ex-wife) that he would remain "married to her in the eyes of the Lord for the rest of his life" and all this boring shit like that.

Talking about the sanctity of marriage and always going on and on about the Lord.

But now two "upstanding Christians" are banging each other on the sly in the married woman's bed that she probably still shares with her husband.


Just for them to act like we are immoral for not going to church, but then for them to be doing that shit annoys me.


Also, this chick is a horrible mother.

She goes out every weekend (to bars or out-of-town trips) and never even so much mentions her kid.

But her husband is the dick in the relationship, even though he is the one staying home at night taking care of their little kid and not out getting wasted and sleeping with other people.

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army people.


one of my buddies who got messed up and sent home is dealing with this with his wife. dude's been in a wheel chair since september. his wife was stationed in germany and dropped the news on him about a week ago that she's been cheating on him since december...


people suck.

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Yeah, the shit that goes on in defense relationships is seriously fucking ridiculous.


Dudes sleeping with other dudes girls while the bloke is in country. I don't condone it but I can see why some one turns and fires the wrong way at the range and then that night they also find his girl on the kitchen floor with the life strangled from her.


And preachy christians too. Wouldn't be my friends much longer if I were in your boots.

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Eh, I dont give a fuck about his religious beliefs. I told him straight out that shit is fake.


I guess the real deal is, do I keep telling this guy what a asshole he is and to get out? Or let him find out on his own, because its not like they keep their adventures quiet...there is WHOLE photobooks on facebook that will snitch on them

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Good, because i am really intolerant of the jerks that run around letting everyone

know how edgy they are by loudly proclaiming their intolerance for religion and God in general.




Have fun in your pool of blackness in the afterlife.


shut up lens.

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