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Snow Tagging

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That's what this thread is about, the title is pretty self explanatory. Making your mark on your frozen landscape, do it...and share it in the thread. If you haven't tried it already, I am recommending it to calm those winter blues if the equators latitude and longitude wasn't very friendly to your global position this year.


Actually spray painting and tagging the snow is very bad for the environment is not reaccomended nor is this thread "egging you on" to do it, but if you have some flicks of that they are welcomed.


Once again, if you haven't tried it I am reccomending it...why not? The more detailed, neater, bigger the tags get on the snow would be interesting to see.


I will start this w/ a few of my own snow scribes to get the ball rolling, these were my intitial few that got my idea for starting this thread, hopefully there will be more to come..








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^^Also, just watch you don't get gone over like these couple did!! ^^


PS, I will also be updating the thread as soon as possible w/ some different flicks as soon as I get inspired to do some more....until then feel free to contribute your Snow Tagging!

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Okay, so upon BUTTER_MILKSHAKEs response to the thread I decided to do a little detective work and check which threads he started since he felt it nessecary to crticize mine. They were all total bulls*** threads in channel zero.


So, in that case BUTTER_MILKSHAKE....thanks, but no thanks...because your opinion is not valued here.


I'm sure based on your expert tagging level though, that your probably out mastering new levels of this artform as we speak w/ your totally enhanced wavelength of utter genius.

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man i expected to see some paint not tags made by your finger...and if only it snowed down here

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maybe some more info and or a more defined release date is what most were hoping for. the info they have given is very vague and it sounds like they are holding something back.

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