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aye ma, wanna cyber?


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You: hi

Stranger: hey asl ?

You: 21 m ny

You: u

Stranger: 19 f az

Stranger: horny ?

You: yea

You: webcam?

Stranger: no

Stranger: cyber ?

You: umm

You: yea

You: u start

Stranger: so we're making out and you start pulling off my shirt

Stranger: i take it off and you start sucking my tits

You: ur nipples are nice and puffy

You: i love em

Stranger: i start unzipping your pants

Stranger: and then i take out your dick

You: do u put it in ur mouth?

Stranger: yeah dude

Stranger: i suck it like it's my job

You: yea girl pay me back like you owe me rent

You: and thn i bstart chokin u wit it

You: and pullin on ur hair

Stranger: damn son

Stranger: i like it rough

Stranger: then you cum and i swallow

You: and thn i spit on ur face and slap u

You: while callin u a whore

Stranger: then you throw me against the wall

Stranger: and drill me hard

You: i wanna see ur bite marks on the wall

You: and thn my friend walks in

Stranger: are you hard off this ?

You: yes

You: extremely

You: im sweating

You: do u want to fuck my friend

You: ?

Stranger: suree

You: dp?

Stranger: ?

Stranger: oh

Stranger: shit

Stranger: haha

Stranger: yeah

You: perfect

Stranger: just so you know my shit's tight

You: so my friend slips it in ur ass

You: he moans

You: as he slides it in and out

You: he pulls on your hair

You: and when he pulls out again

You: u shit all over his cock

Stranger: ew

You: hahah

You: its ok baby

You: accidents happen

Stranger: haha

Stranger: keep going

You: he turns u around

You: and starts slappin u with his shit cock

Stranger: damn dude you're sick

You: u got facebook

You: ?

Stranger: nope

You: myspace?

Stranger: nah

Stranger: none of that shit

You: sol hgow can i see a pic

You: do bu have balls?

Stranger: nope

You: lol

You: are u hot

You: are u rubbin ur pussy

You: ?

Stranger: i'm cute

Stranger: and fuck yeah

You: yeaa

You: call me daddy

Stranger: daddy fuck me

You: have u been a bad girl

Stranger: i've been such a bad girl

You: does daddy haVE To punish u

Stranger: punish me daddy

You: take this dick

You: and im shoving my finger down ur throaht

You: while my friend starts to work his fist into ur ass

Stranger: mmm

Stranger: am i tied up ?

You: yes yes u are

You: and blindfolded

You: callin us both daddy

Stranger: are you titty fucking me ?

You: yea i just spit on ur chest for lube

You: and ur kissing the tip

You: as it hits ur chin

Stranger: mm

Stranger: where are you gonna cum ?

You: all over ur face

You: and ur gonna rub it in

Stranger: mmm

Stranger: then you lick it off and stick your dick in my pussy again

Stranger: i grab the bed posts and you push deep

You: and i make u deep throaht the bed post

Stranger: is that even possible ?

You: it it

You: it is

You: i have a huggee penis

Stranger: your friend shoves his dick in my mouth while you're drilling me

You: making u gag

Stranger: sure if it makes you happy

You: i have my dick in ur pusssy

Stranger: mmm and it's soo big

You: anddddddddd my pinky in ur butthole

Stranger: what else ?

You: ur lovin every second of this

You: lets have phone sex

You: call me

You: can i call u

Stranger: my phone's dead

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