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Missing Cat.


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I know this isn't the typical place to be asking this, but im guessing some of us have had to deal with a pet that decided to wander off on its own. So this morning i'm at my Girls house and since there was street cleaning that morning, i had to wake up to move my car to a spot in order to avoid a ticket. An hour or so later we realize that her cat hasn't been seen anywhere in the house..its late now and the feline is still nowhere to be found. here's the break down:


-Its about two years old.

-Its a male (don't know if it makes a difference) Neutered as well.

-Its only left the house ONCE other than that, its a total indoor cat (which is what worries us.)

-No Collar on it either.

-we live in a residential area of the city.


She has another cat that does regularly leave the house and knows its way around the neighbor hood, is it at all plausible that the her "outside" cat will run into the missing "inside" cat and both return?


What do you all think? we have contacted spca already as well. Comments?Suggestions?

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When indoor cats get outside, they usually don't go too far, since they aren't used to being outside and are often more scared than curious. Chances are, it's hiding under a porch or somewhere in your general neighborhood. It'll probably show back up at your house once it realizes it has no clue what the fuck it's doing and it wants food. If it doesn't show up in a day or so, throw up some posters, since there is a good chance someone in your neighborhood has seen it hiding out around their house.

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Some cats just like it outside, and you'll never be able to keep it inside, no matter how hard you try.


Others, like my last one, will get scared and never try to go out again.


This thread is making me miss my cat and ferret. I got back from vacation today and tried to pick them up from my sister's crib, but she wouldn't answer the phone...everytime I let her watch the ferret she pulls this shit, tries to avoid giving him back

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My ex girl's grandmother used to have "pet" raccoons, that would come into her kitchen and eat out of her hand. My girl used to always freak out about it (because they're filthy animals obviously), and then right as she was getting kind of used to it the raccoons showed up at the bedroom window one night scratching, and her grandma was like "Oh yeah, they do that, let them in" hahahaha.


Kitchen was bad enough, bedroom didn't go over very well.


Cool story br0.


Oh yeah, and as far as leaving cats outside goes, they might not become raccoons, but they definitely can change. My parent's cat Bandit has lived at least half of his life outside, and his appearance has changed so much over the years that he's not even the same colors he used to be...straight up looks like a wild animal now, except he spends his days sleeping on their couch

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