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The Nerd King

Something is Wrong with America - my story

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This is my story.


i got a dui 6 years ago...i've complied with the courts ruling and the judge set me free. he also added that IF i wanted to get my License back, i would have to see a shrink that works for an insurance company of which i do not pay a dime to. i thought.. well, my car is gone, i dont want to drive anymore... i'll ride a bike.


6 years later, i was ridinna moped and ran a red light.. the officer informed me that i have a warrant out on my arrest for something about a DUI. i thought he was kidding.


so digging in... i found out that because i chose not to wantto drive.. this insurance company overturned the judges ruling and now i owe 1500$ to the state or i have to spend 2 week in the actual prison down here.


FOR CHOSING NOT TO WANT TO DRIVE A CAR ANYMORE. i've tried to fight it all the way.. they eithe want money or me spending 2 weeks in real prison. and im not allowed to get my License back till i do.



HOW IS THIS RIGHT IN AMERICA? even the manager of the law office think there is something wrong with this picture, but it is LAW.

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What does riding a mope and sleeping with fat chiks have in common...?


It's fun until your freiends find out.

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Some reason, when people refer to jail as PRISON. It really bothers me. I don't know why, just does.


Well there's jails, and there's prisons...two different things


And also...



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Reading this title I thought this was gonna be something seriously fucked up, not some petty shit involving a moped. Do your time or pay up, it's not that big of a deal....

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Yeah wait are you talking about doing county time..or actual prison time.

Cause it seems it would cost the state far to much money to ship you off to prison for 2 weeks.

I know in Illinois the shortest period of prison time you can do is 61 days.

so if youre looking a two weeks county time do it and move on.

yes the system is fucked but whining on 12oz isnt going to change anything.

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