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dang, dude.. that sucks.. happened to me twice in my life






I will survive.


sorry to just change the subject back like this, but definitely check out waking life when you can


imma also leave the transcript here, so you can read back on whichever chapters without having to skim through the whole thing every time


no doubt

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i need to start practicing lucid dreaming again. part of said practice requires writing down dreams in detail & getting better at remembering them, which this thread could also be used for. not saying one would have to write it all down here, but as more of an consequential side practice or something, with the dreams that are volunteered to be shared. idk


dont know why that link done fd up, but here it is again -http://wakinglifemovie.net/

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Last night I was trapped in a crawlspace full of garbage and dead antelope and deer


every small passageway to get out there were sleeping homeless dudes, and I was too sketched to go through their camp apparently, so I just did ballpoint pen tags on the fusebox that was in there


thinking "If any writer sees these they'll think I'm a fucking loony champion"

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initially typed up this detailed account of last night's dream only to reach the limit of characters you can use at a time on this shit.


cliff notes


car full of random people i know but don't know each other


riding to a specific graff spot (non of them write)


area looked pretty close to the real world version except the sky was apocalyptic

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Not so much a dream. More about waking up. I have no clocks in my house, only watches, and I don't check them when I wake up - just go about my daily. Just drove to work (no clock in my work ute) and it's midnight.


I'm wide awake. The dreams were so vivid again that I feel like I haven't even been to bed yet.


Going crazy?

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