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Best Ghost Attachments Thread


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I've seen a lot of really funny ghost attachments, and thought it would be cool to have a thread dedicated to the funny or strangely appropriate. This is what made me think of it, I can't copy the pic so here's a link. It's near the bottom of the page.



Post your favorite ghost attachments here.

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So be it, The Soviet, The Unified Steady Flow

You already know, you light I'm heavy roll, heavy dough

Mic macheted your flow, your paper falls slow

like confetti, mines a steady grow, bet he glow

Pay five dead it from blow, better believe I have

eleven sixty to show, my doe flip like Tae-Kwon

Jay-Z The Icon, baby, you like Dom, maybe this Cristal's

to change your life huh, roll with the winners

Heavy spenders like hit records: Roc-A-Fella

Don't get it corrected this shit is perfected

from chips to chicks just drivin a Lexus

Make it without your gun, we takin everything you brung

We cake and you niggaz is fake and we gettin it done

Crime Family, well connected Jay-Z

And you fake thugs is Unplugged like MTV

I empty three, take your treasure, my pleasure

Dead presidentials, politics as usual


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There's no need to rebrowse the pages, just as they show up, post them here.

It's def not worth it to try to find the attachments you found amusing, which is why i only posted that one link when an example came up on the threads i visit regularly.

I knew it wouldnt be fast to take off, but in the future it might be pretty funny to check out.

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