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$3.98 6-Pack Rusto Black @ HomeDepot.com


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im only offering up this little blurb because its already blown and i hit every store in my area so fuck it...

go to the service desk at HD and tell them about the offer and they will check on line. when it pops up on their screen, ask them if they will honor the ON LINE PRICE on single cans... out of 7 local stores 2 did it... at one i got 105 cans and the other i got the last three 24 packs they had. none of the stores carry these 6 pack "pro packs" so you have to finangle your way into this deal... if you dont look like some wigger faggot you got a shot....

also to note* two of the stores told me that it was a PER CAN price ( skews and product codes match up) so those of you that are not full of shit about you ordering them online could be sadly disapointed...

your welcome...it

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Well, now that the whole thing is blown...there is a ghost of a chance that the online order stuff PRIOR to backorder status was real. Rusto had to change their paint formula last year sometime to match fed regs for reduction of VOC (volatile organic content, i.e. the paint solvents). Stock already on the shelves was grandfathered in. As soon as the formula was changed Rusto began shipping the new, lower VOC cans. But they may have been left with a pile of older, higher VOC cans to get rid of, and only HD could handle the quantity - something along those lines. (And the older formula paint is a tiny bit better than the new stuff...small difference, but noticeable if Rusto Gloss black is your long time go-to.)

If what I'm saying is correct, then I doubt there is any chance to backorder. The online offer probably got hit hard enough to wipe out the old VOC stock, and they're not giving away the new VOC cans for that price, so there's nothing to back order.

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Some of us are adults with good jobs and don't want to fuck themselves with a

theft charge on our record.


Foresight....you might want to look that one up



Nice language choice No Ideas...


Racking paint does not make you cool, and it doesn't make you a better writer.

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you guys can tell yourself that buying paint is cool all you want .


if your going to commit a crime with it anyway . why not just get it for free .


buster ass marks


licking on paint is the only way to go .


my two cents on that .


So if you saw Rustoleum black at buy one, get five free, you would say "fuck that" and risk a racking charge? Who's the mark again?

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