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St. Ides Beer

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Don't drink it. Ever.
































































































This has been a CACashRefund public service announcement.

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I used to like those St.Ides Special Brews back in the early 90's.

Then again, I was a 13 year old girl and liked shitty drinks.

Then again, I am a 30 year old lady and still like shitty drinks.

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St. Ides is a potent brand of malt liquor that is manufactured by the Pabst Brewing Company. The beverage contains 8.2% alcohol by volume, which puts it at the high end even for the high-alcohol malt liquor category of American lager beers. In addition to the plain St. Ides, the beer is also available in a number of "St. Ides Special Brews" that add a variety of flavorings, including mint and various fruit flavors, to the beer.




The St. Ides brand has made use of celebrity endorsements by rappers in the past. Ice Cube was one rapper who was almost certainly compensated by St. Ides; he had an endorsement deal with the company and even wrote and performed several rhymes for St. Ides commercials. Other rappers who performed original songs for St. Ides commercials include 2Pac, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Nate Dogg, MC Eiht, Scarface, Wu-Tang Clan, Project Pat, King Tee, DJ Pooh, The Notorious B.I.G., Eric B & Rakim, EPMD, Method Man & Redman, Cypress Hill, RBL Posse, and The Geto Boys. Chuck D appeared in a St. Ides advertisement once, but sued the brand's then-owner, the McKenzie River Brewing Company, for using his voice without his permission; he had long taken a strong stance against malt liquor advertising.



Scarface drops the line "guzzling up a 40 oz of cold St. Ides" in his single "Let me Roll".

Black Thought of The Roots states "I'm crooked like the I on the toxic malt liquor" in the song "Section" on their album Illadelph Halflife.

Ice Cube mentions St. Ides in 1991's "Steady Mobbin'" and 1992's "When Will They Shoot?".

Gift of Gab of rap group Blackalicious states in the song "40 oz for Breakfast" on their album Melodica that he spells "relief S-T-I-D-E-S".

Tupac Shakur dissed the drink in his songs "Young Black Male" (1991) and "Crooked Nigga Too" (2004) saying, "I don't drink St. Ides" while "Fuck that!" is shouted in the background.

Spice 1 sings "Should I get St. Ides or Old E?" in Money or Murder on his self-titled album (1991).

Spice 1 sings "Kickin' it with my niggas up on the block, talkin' shit, drinkin' Crooked Eye" in his 1993 song "Mo' Mail" on his album "187 He Wrote" as a reference to the crooked "I" in St. Ides.

Eazy-E mentions St. Ides in his 1993 song "Any Last Werdz" featuring Kokane and Cold 187um: "People say it ain't wise, to get faded off the St. Ides".

The East Coast hip hop duo Mobb Deep are "chasing St. Ides down with some Seagram's gin" in their 1995 song "Cradle to the Grave".

The rap group Luniz were known admirers of the drink, as stated in their 1995 song "I Got 5 on It" ("Go get the S-t. I-d-e-s").

Former funk metal band L.A.P.D. has a song titled St. Ides

"St. Ides Heaven" is the title of a song by musician Elliott Smith on his 1995 self-titled album.

In 1993's "Bless Da 40 Oz.", Bone Thugs-n-Harmony—then known as B.O.N.E. Enterprise—rap about buying a 40 oz of St. Ides "for a dollar ninety even".

The pop punk band Fenix TX mentions St. Ides Special Brew in their 1999 song "Apple Pie Cowboy Toothpaste": "She gets her stomach pumped and runs to buy another case/Of the Michelob 'cause the Lone Star just won't do/And the beer tastes awfully used, St. Ides and even Special Brew".

Afroman mentions the drink in his song "Tall Cans" from his 2001 album The Good Times: "My Homie popped a 40 of some St. Ides/Now that knucklehead staggerin' from side to side".

Long Beach rapper Crooked I's name was inspired by the crooked "I" on the St. Ides' bottle label.[citation needed]

R&B singer-songwriter Kelis mentions St. Ides in the song "Flash Back", from her 2001 album Wanderland, as she sings, "And that's when you walked by/Holding your St. Ides".

Dat Nigga Daz / Daz DillengerI mentions it but apparently prefers Old English in his song Don't Try to Play Me Homie he says "crack a forty of that Eight fuck St. Ides I love the taste"

In their 2001 song "Sippin' 40z", the electropop group Gravy Train!!!! states, "If you make your momma cry, I'll give you some of my St. Ides".

Richmond Fontaine's 2007 album Thirteen Cities has a song called "St. Ides, Parked Cars, And Other People's Homes".

In Brotha Lynch Hung's song "Deep Down" , Mr. Doctor says, "Yeah, I got my St. Ides, I'm turnin it up, to get drunk".

In the Morning 40 Federation song "Chili Cheese Fries" they mention drinking St. Ides on second thought to Colt 45

MF DOOM—while performing with rap group KMD under his earlier pseudonym "Zev Love X"—mentions St. Ides in the 1993 song "Sweet Premium Wine". He sings (to the tune of the children's song "There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly"), "I knew a old lady who swallowed St. Ides / I don't know why she swallowed St. Ides".

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Wait...whats going on in here?


Did you just drink your first St.Ides my man?


Yeah. I'm just 16 I'm not the beer veteran I come off as being.

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i remember my boy worked at this liqour store in the west side and he always had the weirdest 40 brands... i remember we played edward 40 hands and i had this:




and a mickeys on the other hand.... the mickeys tasted like a corona compared to sp... i was actually using the mickeys as a chaser... turns out i hit on my other boys girlfriend! then woke up in the bathtub with a blanket of ritz crackers and a blowup doll.... great times i tell ya...

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Old English = best 40's hands down.

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I almost nega propped you, but I didn't, cuz it ain't your fault this shit kills people.

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