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Whatchu know bout cougars son?


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I've had some that were REALLY good and some I wish I could forget. For the most part they are fun and they already know Im not tryin to get into a relationship with em. Smash when they come around, just watch out for clingers, nothing worse than a 40 yr. old who thinks she is in love with you....

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ahhh cougars.. they can be cool or crazy as fuck...

the one i smashed was like 36.. i still see her almost every day..

the other one though was fuckin loca for real.. she would pull down her pants

and show me n my boy her ass, her vag, her titties, all at the kitchen table

while my og was in the room on the phone.. oh but I get slapped when i touch her ass...


so your gonna stir up my appetite, put the food in front of me, but i cant even have a bite...?


glad she dont come around no more...

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Surprisingly enough, tails, there's a lot of girls all ages who like doing shit like that.


That's why men have both mentalities and hands made for decisively striking.


oh i already know and i dont play that shit..

not to mention she slapped my tattoo when i just got it done...

one of the times in my life where i felt it was justifiable to smack the shit out of a woman...

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