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day 2.5 with no coffee........


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Any of you ever gotten your hands on pure anhydrous caffeine pow? It's pretty easy to get online... anyways. I never have been a caffeine head but I experimented with it 'till my little stash ran out. Shit had me by the nuts at the end of the week boy! I was in fiend mode and felt like total ass. It looks a lot like coke, a little more granular though - -




Add a bit of that to one of your fucking... six shot americano's. See what happens, laul.

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I used to drink a shit ton of coffee, and I get headaches now and again if I don't drink it for a few days. The longest I went without drinking coffee was when I was working at a coffee shop - I drank iced yerba mate all day. Nowadays I only drink iced coffee, 1 in the morning and 1 after work.


But yeah, if you're trying to kick coffee try yerba mate, it tastes like water run through horse shit sometimes but it has some natural caffeine type qualities.



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... but when it comes to coffee im with charlton heston.

you can pry it from my cold dead hands.




FR, that cup must of felt nice, like a ride to the moon..taking a little break is well worth it.

i tried one of these drinks energy drinks in the area i just moved up to recently called Spike..talk about a jittery mess..ill stick to rockstars or red bulls.

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Coffee Mug

Gonna Clear Away The Haze

Liquid Proof

That I Can Win This Race

Coffee Mug

The Grip That Keeps Me Tall

My Inter-Link

Keeps Me Questing All


I Don't Need No Booze Or Drugs

I Just Chug-A-Lug-O My Coffee Mug

And I Don't Need Your Kiss And Hug

I Just Chug-A-Lug-O My Coffee Mug


They Haven't Banned

My Liquid Drug Of Choice

There's Too Many Hooked

And They've Got Too Much Voice

So For The Moment

We're All Pretty Good To Go

With 98 Cups

With 98 More To Go

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I'm not far off 40 and I only drank my first cup about 6 months ago. Now, all I can drink is straight black mud out of my stainless stove top.


Burned the fucking handle off it yesterday too. On my friend's gas cooktop. Now I'm going out to buy one of those extra large ones so I can make milkshake sized espresso muds.





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I haven't had one yet today and I feel good, its weird I'll go four days with out one and then fiend really hard and almost kill people over one.


I haven't drank,smoked or used in drugs in almost ten years......I didn't drink coffee until two years ago and I don't know how or why I started.

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Don't think I could ever give up coffee. Gave up beer for a couple months last year so I could drop some extra weight and hated it, even though it worked. I like my daily routines too much. Wake up > coffee > shit > shower in the AM; dinner > beer & TV/video games in the PM. I even have the coffee machine with the timer so it's ready to drink a few minutes after the alarm goes off in the morning.

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