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Beer at BK

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3:19 pm


January 22, 2010


By Frank James


Burger King may be number three after McDonalds and Subway in terms of sales in the fast-food restaurant business. But it plans to be the first of the top three chains in at least one area -- serving beer. And I'm not talking about the root beer.


Reports are that Burger King will be serving beer at a location in Miami Beach which will be the first in the chain to serve alcohol.


The Associated Press reports:


At the Whopper Bar South Beach, guests can pair a Whopper sandwich with Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors brews. With fries, the combo will run $7.99.


The restaurant will offer outdoor dining, a walk-up window and delivery service.


It's scheduled to open mid-February. The announcement was made Friday.


Morningstar analyst R.J. Hottovy says adding beer at selected locations around the world is part of Miami-based Burger King's effort to reinvent itself as a fast-food restaurant with a sit-down feel.


Evidently, fast-food restaurants, referred to as quick-service restaurants by insiders, are looking for ways to slow their customers down so they spend more time at the restaurants, the thinking being the longer customers remain in the restaurant the more likely they are to buy desserts and such, adding to the operator's profit margins. Beer should certainly do the trick in slowing down a lot of customers.

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Too bad i dont drink...if i start again though it will be nuch easier to shoot up to my heaviest alcohol and fastfood induced weight of 310lbs. So thats good....

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agree with the burrito and brew comment!

wouldn't mine a burger and a beer too but from bk? eh....doesn't sound appealing

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i'm not feeling paying for overpriced beer at burger king. i just want to know when they're bringing back the italian chicken sandwich.


what are you talking about, they have super cheap shit at that place. why would the beer be overpriced? bar make shit overpriced.



but i also miss the itlian chicken sandwich(with extra marinara)


they had it out in portland last year, its like there mcrib, it moves

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the bk around my way is super skuzzbucket-2000...

i can only imagine the shit smell / clientel that'd be there all the time if they served beer..


there are enough bars that got good/cheap food..






i wouldn't mind a brew with my whopper.. haha

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