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let me know what ya'll think

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there is a toy thread you can head in there get some good crits and advice, no need to start your own thread.

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focus on fundamentals for a while in my opinion.


create a vanishing point for all your 3-d lines to line up with so that the perspective on the letters match up, or if you are going for straight down 3-ds make sure they all really go straight down.


study fonts and color theory, in an ideal situation you can make new times roman look like the hottest burner on earth. get to that point and then any extra funk you lay down ontop is just icing on the cake.


also try to think of each bar as a single pen stroke, it may taper or flare out but you want to avoid letting it have concave sides. this gives a look of instability to the overall letter that wont rest right on your eyes.


i hope a this helped?


keep with it and good luck



Edit: And what he said, the toy thread is a good place to go for this

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damn wesley that is some good advice!


lot of kids could do with listening to that. Start simple work your way up learn to walk before you can run.

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