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Do you like painting alone

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I only bomb alone. I hate bringing someone along because I have to watch over the other person. Like if I have to run then I end up waiting for my buddy and it's gonna get me caught one of these days...


I brought one of my buddies and he WOULD NOT act stealthy. Like waiting in a bush for trains to go by was "heat" according to him. Instead, he wanted to walk along the train tracks while the commuter trains and freighters just roll by for everyone to see us.


He also thought wearing something over your face like a bandana was "heat", and same with wearing his hood up. But he would shake his fucking can as hard as he could in the middle of the street with people walking down the sidewalks because apparently that's NOT going to draw attention...


So yeah, I only go alone now. Much better because you can do everything how you want and you don't have someone to fuck you over or vise-versa. Plus you can go as fast as you want, and take as many (or as few) breaks as you want. It makes me appreciate nature more, and I can think more deeply.

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Chill with that painting alone shit I'm paranoid to begin with, the only drawback of painting with one of my boys is that I'm always done first (45 second fills) which has me bitching out telling these fucks to hurry up. But I usually bomb with 1 kid which is like my brother we have a relatively smooth system going on, some sus stealth shit.

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I agree, it is creepy painting alone b/c the spot is almost always either dark or secluded (or both) but at the same time, i don't like writing in front of other writers. The same goes even for, like, painting in art classes. I slip up when others doing the same thing are watching. It's weird. I guess I'm not much of a performer

I prefer having a non-writer friend, pref a bffl to shoot the shit with with me

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