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Do you like painting alone

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not all the time. but i prefer u paint alone. its helps u get in touch with yourself a devolop your own technique. instead of having some paranoid bitch in your ear or a bitchy homie that keeps saying HURRY UP! be a leader not a follower

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personally, paintin alone has always been a last resort... its a security measure mostly, plus paintin with the boys is more enjoyable... the shit talkin, the whole seein weird ass shit at nite, and of course the "shit nigga the law hurry up!!!"

but if everyone else is busy... shit you gotta do what you gotta do

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I prefer to paint solo pretty much always, mabey it's because I prefer solitude in general. I'm not a liability, often times others are, although they can make useful decoys at times..hah. Just me, my thoughts, and my alcoholic tendencies, thats the way I like it.

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i paint alone alot cause to me it boils down to two things...the buff and the person...i've hit spots alone where shit has ran for a while or is still runnin ..and i've hit spots with people and everyone is so ready to hit shit that it just blows the spot and you know its not even gunna run a week...then the person..i have to know that if they get caught up, im not going to be snitched on.... too many toy crews, with WAY too many snitches.........this is also my opinion..grain of salt included!

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I've gone mobbing with a couple of dumbheads who are poor lookouts and catch spots stupidly out in the open. I've only gone with a couple other writers who I can consider good lookouts. If you have a great lookout and know how to play things off, you'll just look like two normal people walking down the street.


As for doing it alone, I miss out on a lot more spots and am more paranoid, but whatever.

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I like painting with a buddy cause someone looking out for you never hurts


However I do have to say that complete trust and faith in their abilities is necessary because if you cant rely on them youre better off painting by yourself


I learned this the hard way quick


My first time getting arrested it was because the person who was suppose to be looking out was looking at me tag and when the cops rolled up instead of calling it out he started walking away

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No doubt, ALONE! I've been on point since 94. I've seen it all. You think someone is all good and they turn into a snitch, or run when the shit goes down. Back in the day I painted wit some real niggaz as well. But through experience, you can ALWAYS trust yourself! I've unfortunetly been to the penitentary. So you know I'm ridin alone! I can no longer put my freedom in anyone elses hands but mine. Peace...one.....AMEK ONE chi town.

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