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Do you like painting alone

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I go alone if im going on foot but if its a long distance trip I roll with someone I have known a long time and has a low key car.


To decide how you want to paint, simply look at the situation from multiple perspectives, cops, civillians, and old people.


Walking alone on the street at night is low key, when your in a group the odds go up for the cops.


A cop stopping a group has a way fatter chance at finding anything that will put you in jail.


But if your alone a cop will just pass you by and not think twice, or just think your a late night jogger/ night shift employee somewhere walking home from work.


Operate with your third eye open, and paint alert

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all my mates stoped graff. so now i usually go alone.. like a guy said: you gotta do what you gotta do..

same here man,but when im out with a group of people that are not close friends and i see a spot i usually dont bomb or i give them some steps ahead of me and then do a fast tag cause i dont want some bitches acting like they know shit about what i do or what is about after

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Hard to say....I think I create my best pieces alone, but haveing a guy with me would be nice..I get very lonely and have no-one to share my talent with. You see....I live in Oklahoma but near a open area where theres only sign, bridges, and railroad tracks. Train yards are way off, and I would have to jump a train to get there ( the trains out here move at a slow of 30MPH..)


If theres anyone out there that lives near Oklahoma city....I would love to meet you and mabey for a crew or just paint and have a chat....I was told by a old friend that I was insanly gifted and that I have to keep going...If you want pictures of my black book hit me up. BTW that friend...He left for florida. Life can suck....ALOT.


PM me and we might be able to gain trust and even be friends and paint together...It sucks being alone ALL the time...I only see names on the trains that Pass by quickly...I just watched 5 trains pass and it took up 3 hours of my day, and its a 2 mile walk...Im dedicated.



I know that feel bro.

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if its daytime and im just catching tags with a marker or putting up some stickers its kinda nice to be alone. but at night when youre painting i would much rather have someone with me, for a lookout and the fact that theres some crazy mother fuckers out at night.. dont forget ya switchblade at home

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Ive gone as far as to wear compression shorts-Jogging apparel when im out bombing alone. I figure the last thing the Oinks with think when the see me is that i write. Looking to rack a "camelback" back pack that will fit a few cans without compromising the disguise. Anyone else ever consider things like this? the psychological aspect to fooling 9'rs, that is

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