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Do you like painting alone

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i like to bring one sixman cause it is easier to have eyes not starring at the wall if u catch my drift. i was wondering if anyone gets that paranoia when they go up to paint something and have there back to the unknown. when i was like 4 i would fucking shit myself when i shut off our basement lights cause it got all dark, and i would book it upstairs as fast as i could. but the same feeling of paranoia hits me when i paint. one sixman. someone u trust and has been doing shifty stuff for a while

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If it's a chill spot either could work.


And what Dose said, having someone to keep six is wicked, but about the paranoia part I just think of that one quote 'be cautious but not paranoid'. 90% sure i got that wrong, and I think Espo said it but again i'm probably wrong.

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I have a certain spot that I like to paint alone it's chill but not completely chill.

I'm always relaxed but with one ear open.

always stop every few minutes and take a listen to what's going on around you and you should be right.


and other times it's fun with the mates1

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