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You also forgot you were posting on ch0. If it could be done, it's probably been done. Please to not be perturbed.





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One of our viewers was feeling a kind of way after seeing Jay-Z disrespecting Jesus. This is how the christian is reporting why he letting off "By now you all have probably heard of Jay's Masonic and Satanic ties. Some of you are still skeptical which is expected. But This make give you a little more perspective. And to all my fellow Christians, I know I rpobably shouldn't have stooped to this level but I couldn't take it anymore. I can't sit back and watch someone disrespect and discredit my Lord and Savior! "

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Mister Magic and Marley Marl was in when i could hardly crawl,

back when you fucked up a freestyle and blurted out "i'm sorry yall",

before days of glock cockin, cats was busy breakin' and pop lockin,

to grow waves we was rockin a knot stockin',

Rakim was making the mics smoke, every night was jamming till the fights broke,

cause someone spilled the alcohol and left their Nikes soaked,

Run wasnt a Rev yet, we danced until we bled sweat,

everyone was into knocking boots and skins instead of head sex,

plat' and ice wasnt hot like a fat rope chain,

it was fun in '83 until crack cocaine,

cats carried linoleum just to practice a move,

people killed for addidas and anyone who scratches your shoes,

heads always grafittied and bombed the trains and back streets,

KRS and Shan was the first recorded rap beef,

remember they used the light-post to power the block parties,

can you think of a dull moment back then? not hardly,

when Slick Rick was the first rapper to murder a name dropper,

you got laughed at when your fake jewelry changed copper,

people tested out their new fight skills in slap boxin'

being poor was cool besides the fact we lack options,

haircuts like Gumby's and slopes were popular then,

Kangols and "doorknockas" is what you rocked with your friends,

kinda silly when you think about how it begun,

but its sad how changing times have devoured the fun.

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I figured that......I forgot to race to my computer and talk about it online before anyone else did.


well then





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