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Wesly Crusher's sketch of the day


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recording myself doing a portrait for the first time today...


im scared to watch the playback and see just how bad i am :P


im not sure if this one will be up before midnight west coast time, im hoping i can do it but i still need dinner and im still not even half way done.


but it will be up before i sleep...i can say that much for sure

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i was on hiatus from the oontz when they introduced rep, but im sure it affects the boxes that appear under the posters name, for instance, Q666 has more bars than me, but has less posts and hasnt been registered with the oontz as long as i have as far as i know. but other than what rep ACTUALLY does, prolly nothing. if anything its an immediate indicater that one may know there way around the site/knowledgable. fuck it, i have no idea.

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day 12 is here, i was up way to late last night and have barely been up for more than a couple hours and im now busy smoking....or vaporizing to be more specific my first bowl for the day as i sit down and start to think what should i do for today. i need to do 1 more portrait before i can progress in my book course but i have exhausted my desire to do trek characters for a little while (as without noticing it i realized i have yet to do a non trek portrait since i started my work with the digital medium) So i need to move on...not for good just for now and find a new subject to work off of...so im thinking of trying to do a summer glau portrait.


not this one but just a picture for those who dont know her.

i have a soft spot in my heart for weird or unique looking women...and she falls into that catagory while still remaining stunning.

anyhow im going to be finding a shot of her from Firefly. if you dont know firefly and enjoy sci fi at all i recomend it strongly. its is a true cowboy spaceman show, and though it only lasted 1 season and 1 movie it is in my opinion one of the best shows ever made...and that guy who made buffy the vampire slayer...josh weedon or some shit like that? made it....which always sort of made me laugh.


there she is in the firefly movie "serenity" my favorite damaged goods <3


anyhow thats enough rambling about where my head is at going into this...prolly gonna be another late post but ill be in the thread throughout the day

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you know the pen stands you get with the bamboo tablets that screws apart and makes a really good stash spot :D


just taught id share :)


really nice stuff you are an inspiration wesly :)





you can ask clone....i dont keep small amounts of bud....i could stash away a couple bowls in the pen stand but then where do i fit the rest of the ounce?

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day 12


the likeness is iffy at best but i still find i like the overall image, i could go back and try to fix her eye up and make it look more like her, but im not in the mood to get that into it right now...besides its a sketch a day i gotta give myself some time to relax :3


anyhow...another time lapse video is up for the people who still enjoy those.







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i use a process called overlay, it basically turns the airbrush tool into a water color effect, where it uses the values of the grey and tints it, where it wont go over black or white, and lays the appropriate tone over the grey. and then after i go into a new layer to further blend those down using a normal brush tool on normal settings. alot more like coloring with markers than with paint, and it allows me to color or recolor something until i like it without having worked myself back into a corner that i cant get out of like when hoping straight in with color. it doesnt work for all styles of painting but for my kind of style it seems to be perfect for what i need done.


also even though the overlay does alot of the shading for me im still using 3-4 values of color in the filling, its just easier this way

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so this is going to be a visual slap in the face to the thread, so i will be doing a major overhaul after this page is filled and making a collected post of all the pieces done for the dailies up until that point just to...i dunno regroup from the pictures that dont fall into the sketch a day catagory






i was sitting here, and all the sudden i got the urge to see what kind of sketches i could find from my past to put in here, so im going to post them, ranging from 1995-2002, i'll be sure to point out what is what and i will prolly be ranting and reminiscing here and there as well...

this is really just to show newer people that...it isnt something you just wake up and know how to do...and a good way to get some laughs at myself at the same time




without further delay




1995 all the way live, one of the only sketches i have laying around from that time, the year i got into graffiti










these are from 2000, i got some more of these im going to post

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finally a few from 2002


at this time i was writing yoer


i changed my name alot for a long time, just to end up back using nile just...adding an S to it around 2004 but thats another story all together






this one was for clone...so it says clone...8 years later were still getting down on shit :)




this one was for calus...8 years later and we are still getting down on less shit but still some shit :)

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