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Wesly Crusher's sketch of the day


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i dont know if i will ever go back to that particular concept. to be honest i never really was that into superman DC comics was never really my shit. i just thought the daily planet reference to the daily sketch thing was a fun thing to play with it just wasnt my day. and it really doesnt help that i decided to halo it(or forcefield or whatever you youngins are calling it these days) half way through and call it done. but yeah im sure the city pieces will show up more often just...in a more thought out and natural way not as an afterthought when i had finished the pieces sketch

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art is subjective, there are many different avenues i can choose to go down when i start working on a peice....and infact almost never do i have an idea of where it will end. however cracking the outlines at the end is almost more than anything an homage to graffiti style more than a needed detail to the piece, there was a time when i wouldnt halo my work and i was feeling it gave a solid natural look to it, but then after a while i began to use them again to tie my pieces together with the rest of the people on the wall (usually just clone) it started out that way, just being a detail to root my piece to the walls with other people, and has now grown into something that i look at much like a signature to a painting when i crack that halo its me telling myself im done. its the puncuation on the visual statement that im trying to say. I know this is an abstract thought line and only shows how much of an art fag i really am but it is true




familiarize yourselves with this guy before i post day 10 later tonight



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im not very familiar with digital design but are you actually freehanding these charcters and sketches or doing some hitech traceing? im not trying to hate, it just looks from that above picture that you had a photo of trek dude and were tracing his profile, just wondering. im liking the sketch a day concept though.

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it's called visual reference, as i am doing a portrait of a character that allready exists its much more reliable than making up from memory. it's the same process as any artist would use when doing a rendering of someones image...you know like art models in a life drawing course...except i cant grab a ferengi and plop him down next to me so im forced to use a picture as reference material

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thanks for the kind words everyone, yesterdays sketch of the day was my way of saying sorry for day 9


also i need to do 2 more portraits for the course that im doing so today i think i may nerd out again pretty hardcore and revisit that nerdery known as trek for my models since....well its more fun than normal portraits for me and allows me to pick some less than usual characteristics for my portraits (though in the long run this may stunt my progress as an artist id rather have fun over a longer time than hate my art to get better quicker)


anyhow, now that this thread is starting to pick up steam (i broke 1000 views last night yay?) I'm going to try to approach it with a little bit more blogyness to it...with stupid write ups and check ins and rambles and such...sorta like this here. I know i should link that "INTERNET-CAUSE YOU THINK PEOPLE CARE WHAT YOU THINK" picture at this point and open up on myself for thinking people give 2 shits, but just like the sketch of the day its theraputic (fuck i cant spell) to free type like this for no reason.


so ya


incoming tonight, another double portrait sketch hopefully if i can manage...if i post tonight and its nothing but graffiti you will know that i sat here hurling insult at my computer screen all day as a ruined more and more faces. I plan on going for some slightly more recognizable people this time through and that always adds pressure to preform well, and i really am not the most talented portrait-ician(?) also its going to prolly be another late night post since i plan to put more than the average amount of time into it today.


so stay tuned as i make it so

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