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Hard Ticket to Hawaii

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Ever since I was a kid reading surfing magazines I always wanted to visit Hawaii, not so much to surf there myself, moreso to check out the beautiful scenery and things. However today I finally got around to watching the Movie 'Hard Ticket to Hawaii' starring none other than Ron Moss, and I have to say, this is one of the best movies ever made. There is an abundance of 80s tits, guns, rocket launchers, and some of the funniest dialogue I have ever heard in any movie.







Seriously do yourself a favor and watch this movie!


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Turtle: Stay loose, haole.

Rick: What's a haole?

Turtle: A tourist, a mainlander, like you.

Rick: I'm not a tourist.

Turtle: Whatever, Barney.

Rick: What's a Barney?

Turtle: It's like Barno... Barnyard... a haole to the max, a kook in and out of the water. Yeah?

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When I was 13 years old, I laid in bed forcing myself to stay awake. I heard my parents go to bed, then I sat quietly for a good hour (until I heard my dad snoring) before sneaking downstairs like a navy seal on a stealth mission. That night Cinemax was playing back to back Andy Sidaris movies, Hard ticket to Hawaii and Malibu Express.


God bless Andy Sidaris!

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