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Handcuffed and Disarmed for Obeying the Law

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legally licensed concealed weapons permit holder with loads of formal training, law abiding citizen is disarmed and handcuffed for following the law and telling an officer that he is carrying a weapon when the cops showed up at his office in response to a burglar call. when he talked to the PD after the incident to find out how legal his detention was... he was given a "its up to the officer (to make up there own laws?? i thought they enforce law? ) and that he shouldnt take a firearm to that type of situation anyway"

the man applied for a CCW to protect himself exactly in a situation like that, followed the laws pertaining to it and was still disarmed and handcuffed like a common criminal.



moral of the story... dont call 911







Handcuffed, disarmed for obeying the law


Charlie Mitchener is a 61-year-old general building contractor with an office near Patrick Lane and Fort Apache in Las Vegas. He holds permits allowing him to legally carry concealed weapons in Nevada, Florida, and Utah.


Over the past three years, his office has been broken into five times. “Three of those occasions involved me interacting with Metro,” he wrote to me last week. “Each of the occasions began the same: my introduction, my presentation of my Nevada drivers license and my Concealed Firearms Permit. Prior to today, each Metro officer simply replied thank you, proceeded with his work and then when complete there was a conversation about firearms.”


Things were real different at 5:30 a.m. Sunday morning Jan 3, however, when Mr. Mitchener called the Metropolitan Police Department to report the fifth break-in at his office.


“Vin, I hope I did not see the future this morning,” Charlie e-mailed me. “Today was drastically different.”



The responding officer was a lady cop, Officer J. Rogers, badge number 13525.


“Upon presentation of my CFP, the officer asked if I had the weapon on me to which I replied yes. She then said to spread my legs and put my hands behind my back. I complied and she then handcuffed me. While doing so, she said that she wanted to make certain “that we were all safe.”


Officer Rogers stripped Mr. Mitchener of the Glock 19 he was carrying, took the weapon and locked it in her patrol car.


“Bear in mind that she had yet to clear my office (she was waiting for backup for clearing),” Charlie writes. “So, while remote, there was the possibility that the bad guys were still in my office and would come rushing out, finding me, to their delight, handcuffed. Apparently I was not included in her comment ‘that we were all safe.’ It is always nice when law-abiding citizens, particularly myself, are disposable.


“An hour or so later, when she had completed her paperwork, she came back in the office; I was in the rear and did not see her enter. She came to me and said that she had put my weapon in the second drawer on the left in the receptionist’s desk.


“She then said that she could tell that I was upset with being handcuffed ‘like a common criminal.’ I explained that I was extremely upset and told her that it was out of respect to her that I provided my CFP and that the Second Amendment did have some meaning. She replied that the reason she did what she did was because she did not know if I was a bad guy or not. … I thought to myself, ‘How absurd, I apply by the law to obtain permits, and yell it from the housetop that I have a permit and am carrying, just as I presume all bad guys do.’


“I asked if she was following procedure to handcuff me and remove my weapon to which she did not have a good answer, other than I was larger than her. … It certainly reminded me of the stories in New Orleans after Katrina regarding confiscating weapons from the law-abiding citizens.”


Another officer told Charlie that, based on J. Rogers’ badge number, she had probably only been on her own for less than six months and was probably not secure in what she was doing. “It certainly makes me want to provide all the information the next time my office is broken into,” he adds.


I talked to Charlie on Jan. 5. He had called the concealed permit division that morning, and been referred to Internal Affairs, where he reports a detective told him “It all depends on the officers, that if they think it’s the safest thing to do they can do that.


“And he said it’s best not to bring a weapon in this kind of situation.”


Ah. So after going through all the rigmarole required to obtain a concealed weapons permit, it’s best if a business owner who is the first to arrive at his office in the dawn hours to find it’s been broken into NOT carry a weapon? Where the hell would the cops suggest would be a BETTER circumstance into which to carry our legal self-defense weapon — a toddler’s birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese?


I contacted Metro about this incident Tuesday. Late Friday, a spokesman confirmed Mr. Mitchener’s account as “generally accurate,” stating the officer “acted in a way that was in the interest of her safety.”


Charlie Mitchener followed the law. He has trained at Front Site and with Tactical Response and continues to regularly visit the range. Yet “In an instant, I am in handcuffs (at 61 years old, this was a first), and there were no bad guys in handcuffs with me, just the guy who thought he was doing things correctly,” he writes.


We should not be required to apply for any “permit” to carry a concealed weapon in the first place. Threatening us with arrest if we fail to go through this rigmarole certainly constitutes an “infringement” of our rights under the 2nd and 14th amendments.


As for those who contend we can only exercise this right by “belonging to a militia,” a) I already belong to the militia, as defined by the founders. (“Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves?” asked Tenche Coxe, the friend of Madison, in 1788. “The militia, when properly formed, are in fact the people themselves … all men capable of bearing arms,” confirmed Richard Henry Lee in the same year.) But more to the point, after years of answering this memorized red herring, I’ve come to the conclusion anyone who claims the “militia clause” bars or limits me or Mr. Mitchener from bearing weapons of military effectiveness is a wannabe totalitarian murdering scum, and I believe it’s time to stop treating them as anything else.


Mr. Mitchener did everything required of him by law, ordinance, and Metro instructions. The officer handcuffed and disarmed him “so that everyone would be safe”? What a bunch of bull. If the burglar or burglars had emerged, they would have been confronted not by two armed law-abiding good guys, but instead by one small, frightened officer and a handcuffed and disarmed legal occupant. This rendered Mr. Mitchener “safer”?


Please note that if Mr. Mitchener had NOT followed law, ordinance, and Metro request, if he had carried a firearm in his waistband without ever seeking a permit or informing the officer he had it, the tiny officer would have had NO probable cause to frisk or disarm him, and he would likely have remained armed throughout the entire encounter. Thus, he was punished, degraded, and treated like a common criminal BECAUSE AND ONLY BECAUSE he attempted to follow law, ordinance, and Metro’s legally dubious “instructions.”


The cops don’t get it. The Constitution does not say “the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed unless it makes an officer of the government feel safer.”


The biggest reason the American populace are armed was never to fight off bears or wild Indians but to make agents of the government feel unsafe — really, really unsafe — should they try to take away our rights. That’s why a citizen militia is “necessary to the security of a FREE state.” We’re armed and we intend to get more armed. We want progressive repeal of our current “reasonable gun laws” until 14-year-old girls can buy machine guns over the counter for cash without showing any damned “photo ID.”


If these arrogant, uniformed employees of ours who believe they can make up “the law” as they go along really want to treat us as the enemy, they may eventually get their wish, at which point they will discover they’re vastly outnumbered, and “backup” is never quite close enough to solve the problem they’ve created for themselves.


America in 2025, gals: keep at it, and it can be your own private Afghanistan.

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he mad.


but it does sound hyped up... dude was there for a little bit before the cop showed, casing the premises and trying to find the burglar, yet he still felt the need to be armed when she got there? you holster your weapon, you don't need it since you decided to call the cops like a pussy fag.


i agree with what he says about the whole situation, and the cop was a rookie and a woman (i mean seriously, what the fuck did you expect?), she coulda handled it better. she gave back the gun, just disarmed him for her safety. yes that violates his rights technically, but it really doesn't because he called law enforcement to control the situation. and control she did.


i don't stick up for cops, but the rules of engagement on the streets are clear. i woulda done the same to dude, mostly because he's old and brandishing a weapon and heated about his place being robbed. can't leave variables when you're securing a situation. anyone who's played MW2 can tell you that.


still, fucka cop. i know how to play them suckas. i'd have just put my piece away when i saw the cops were there... like i do already.

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Who said he was brandishing a weapon??


The article makes it seem pretty clear that he presented ID and cc permit.

The cop ASKED if he was armed. The point was made later in the article if he broke the law and didn't tell the responding officer he was armed, he wouldn't if been detained handcuffed and disarmed like a criminal.


Goes to show how stupid it is for people to believe that these gun laws are "only for our own safety" and if we just follow one more sensible gun law we'll just be left alone. The NRA types say we need to follow sensible laws so we won't be disarmed, yet when you follow them you are still disarmed


If it's ok for a cop to disarm a guy carrying legally why can't we disarm cops for "everyones safety" when confronted by an officer?

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the cop was a rookie and a woman (i mean seriously, what the fuck did you expect?)





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well, angelofdeath, you know what happen to me.

Can you expect anything else from the police dept.. I'm at the point now in my life, Where I believe its absolutely pointless to even address these issue to the public. Unless the general public has had a violation of there constitution rights, they're not going to want to listen it. It goes to point, look at all the factual statement you make on 12oz in some of the other threads, And look at all the people who shoot them down. When clear evidence is put in front of them. Few, but far between individuals on here who will agree with you. I can sit here and bash them all, call them obama voters, bush supporters, liberals, marxist and what have you not. That pretty much 70% of our population. You know were I'm going at with this.....

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It was a woman! I wouldn't let her handcuff me, have a man respond to help, and explain my situation to a more level headed individual (hopefully), a male temperment.

Then...bitch looks stupid, everyone in the precinct gets re-reassured that women shouldn't be on patrol by themselves, and the movement of de-womanizing the country begins.


Maybe she should've just joined the army & get deployed to the middle east, run around with backpack and an automatic weapon that averages about half her body weight, and "show equal rights".


Women, learn your fuckin' role. Men, realize these womens roles. And all respect to women.

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im sure if the guy resisted being handcuffed and detained, the woman would of drew her weapon and forced him to. if he still resisted he would of been tased or something. i doubt any cop is going to back down and allow another officer to come in and take over. possible i guess, but highly unlikely.


as for woman and gender roles... it reminds me of this joke...

'in order to be a liberal you have to believe that gender roles are artificial but being gay is natural'

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