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It only took 20 years, but I just got a date with the girl of my dreams.

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I met Dana when I was 13. We met under uncommon circumstances as her, her brother and I (along with our mothers) all first met in a homeless shelter for battered women.



She introduced me to her brother who was my age (she was like 3-4 years younger) and he and I became best friends and have been ever since.


We all ended up growing up together, and I made a few moves on her in our teens but back then, she was caught up in the street mentality and I ended up watching her date the more thugged out dudes of the 'hood.


Eventually, The three of us (Her brother, her and I.) were even room mates, but at that point, I was a drugged-out loser and she wanted no part of that.


Years went by and both of us sailed through pointless relationships and every once in awhile, would drop hints to each other, but the timing was never right.



As of a week and a half ago...We both broke up with our significant others on the same day.


We've been talking on and off since about our situations, and they're both the same.


We both have just never have been happy with who we've been with (And hinted at, that we've both thought about each other a lot of the time during.)


Finally, I made the move and we're gonna' go out this Sunday.


And in true happy-ending fashion, she ended the converstaion with "It's a date".


Then...small magical, talking mice broke into a musical around our ankles.




Wish me luck peoples. I could wipe away over a decade of failed love with this one.



If all goes well, I'll copy and paste this to her one day in the spirit of true geek romance.



P.S. She's the one that taught me how to get the fireworks by jumping on the timer at the right time in Super Mario Bros. back when it was the hot shit.



Top that!

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I don't think you need luck. Sounds like with this one you just need to be yourself.

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This chick rules by the way.


She's smart as shit.


Hot as hell by my standards (Half black and half white...banging body)




Into the same shit I am



Probably could actually keep my attention and make me stop binge drinking.



I'm sorry...I'm geeking.




Share love stories or whatever,

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Yeah, long term wait definitely makes the pussy seem better than it actually is....which is definitely a good outlook on things.


Even if it isn't the best pussy you hit, you'll still be like "Yeah man, damn....this is definitely the shit!!!!!"

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this calls for a celebration!


i met an ex-ex 2 separate times at 2 different shows, one at tramps and the second in cbgb's.

the second time we "accidentally" met it was like someone threw me into a john cusack movie

good luck my dude and may the schwartz be with you


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awww, adorbs!

they say most people meet the person they marry before the age of 20.

but that it often doesn't materialize until later in life.

good luck!

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Does she know about the Transformers thing...? JKS.


Rock on brother.



That's what I'm talking about! She's cool with that shit and could probably bust out an Optimus Prime joke or two.

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