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Harvey Wallbanger

Yo, Channel 0, help me out... I need some R&B music.

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I need like two hours of Alicia Keys/Beyonce/Mary J Blige type shit to play at this fashion show...


It's not really the kind of stuff I listen to, and I'm having a hard time finding anything. Anyone know of any good music blogs or anything that might fit the bill?




If you guys hook me up, I'll ban whoever you want...

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raheem devaughn - energy



raheem devaughn - shut the club down



the dream - love vs money part 2


the dream - mr. yeah


electrik red - so good


electrik red - go shawty


electrik red - drank in my cup


jamie foxx - digital girl



jamie foxx - intuition interlude


john legend - cross the line



musiq - womanopoly


musiq - for the night


musiq - infatueighties


t-pain - lets get it on



t-pain - blow ya mind



trey songz - wonder woman


trey songz - no clothes on



trey songz - fly together



these last ones i cant seem to find on youtube or anything but also check out

trey songz - "are you a performer", "Ooo", and "ur behind"



hope this helps....

ill try and add more later when i can think of more...

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Thanks dudes! I think some of this stuff that Tails and Udumbhoe put up is going to work.



But if anyone knows a good blog to download a good playlist or mixtape of this stuff, it definitely wouldn't hurt...

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dude...if only you had access to my itunes.


I picture your itunes having a folder called "Things to listen to while you get your weave put in."


Maybe another one called "Cocoa Butter."

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Yeah, I know I'm not being very specific here. I'm so unfamiliar with what these people are looking for, I don't even know what to call it. When they mentioned R&B a couple weeks ago, I thought I could get away with a bunch of Bohannon and Carla Thomas.


I think Earl's playlist names might be dead on, though. I pretty much need mellow party music for hip 30 year old black women. Beyonce kind of stuff, but more along the lines of "Ego" than "Single Ladies".

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That song "Ego" is about Jay-Z's dick --or so I've heard. My girlfriend and her friend were talking about that, and I told her to write a song about my penis.


She still hasn't done so.

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my itunes folders are not nearly as exciting...but that's awesome.


i don't know how to look for music on the internet.

but if it's grown and sexy you're looking for...may i suggest


anything by amerie



some mary


meh...most of the r&b i like is from the 90s and probably not "hip" enough.

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