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The Abominable Iron Sloth

High on fre



cult of luna


Mouth Of The Architect


black sheep wall


side note: sleep is cool, however playing dragonaut everytime a blunt is smoked is not. friends fucking ruined that song for me.

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before i go on about music, i just wanted to mention this thread bumped me up to 420 props points. I thought that was relevant because this is a stoner rock thread... 420...






predecessor to Torche, floor was an on and off sludge group out of florida.


Dove, was recorded in 1994, didn't get released until 2004. Amazing, crusty, punky, heavy and sludgy. With two 15+ min songs to boot.




Floor's self-titled, more melodic in vocals, closer to the direction that Steve Brooks went with Torche.




If you ever go see Torche live (which you definately should), they usually have a bunch of old (and newly printed) floor stuff.


Floor is reuniting to do a couple of shows in april, one in miami and the other in atlanta. They're also putting out a boxset of everything floor ever recorded, a bunch of unreleased stuff, but way to expensive.


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the grails are dope. a good friend went to go see them at the ATP in england over the summer or whenever it was a short time ago. sleep also played a reuinted show which he said was stellar.



yeah, i was really disappointed that sleep only played a couple reunion shows in england. if i had the time and money, i would have loved to have gone. hopefully they'll make it back over the pond for some more shows.


matt pike sleep > matt pike high on fire

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I guess I can prop the Melvins at length here. The whole catalog (which is enormous, they've been around a long time) is worth investigating. They manage to change up flavors without changing up essential style, if that makes any sense. Put another way, you recognize the song as them but there's plenty of variety. Houdini and Stoner Witch seem to be the best known, but I'll go older or newer depending on my mood. Ozma/Gluey Porch Treatments still satisfies; Bullhead is a good dronier one to draw to; Honky for the true weirdness. The absorption of the Big Business dudes was also a good move; Senile Animal and Nude with Boots benefit from that influence of belting out some harmonized vocals on a few songs, sometimes almost upbeat/major key vocals yet the songs retain the stoner sludge evilness.

Coady Willis is an animal. I saw a Melvins/Big Business show and after BB opened, Dale Crover set up his kit right next to Coady's. They then played the entire Melvins set with both drummers playing in perfect sync, which blew my mind. I mean they played all the parts exactly alike at the same time, like stereo drums. I had the idea a long time ago of having two drummers in a band so they could hurricane it up and fill in each others' holes. These guys did the opposite. It was amesome to watch.

Hostile Ambient Takeover was a good disc. I would say "overlooked" but I feel like the Melvins are largely overlooked in the first place.

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If you skateboard, the new thrasher video, prevent this tragedy, has the sword, sleep and witch in it. I'm not used to having the music i listen to show up in skate vids, its been happening more and more.


anyway, WITCH


Can't go wrong with J Mascis on the skins.





wasn't too into the second album, more punky and fast, not as heavy and riff-filled as the self-titled

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