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I just saw them with At the Gates and Converge. Unfortunately their sound was pretty shit and I was pretty disappointed.


I saw the same show in Toronto, they were actually my favourite at the event. This could have been because I dropped and fucked up my phone right after, righteously pissing me off. Really heavy, and I feel like I was one of the very few people there who knew about them. It was my first time really checking out Converge (aside from listening to them that day a few hours earlier) and they were fucking nuts. So much energy.

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checking out acid king now, they are dope from what ive heard!


i really love instrumental, or mostly instrumental doom,sludge type shit.. some bands with vocalists are ok, but i feel like a lot of times the vocals ruin it in this type of music, i just want the repetative heavy riffs to zone out to.


some of my favorite bands, and the albums i started with are:


earth, this is the band that got me into this genre in the first place, i stared with their new album, but i have been checking out some of their older work also.


bong ripper- satan worshipping doom


the capricorns- ruder forms survive is the album i started with (these guys are alot different, i actually wouldnt really call them doom, but they are definitely related to this type of music. i guess they might have some more punk influences, check them out if you havent.


dopethrone: iii (has vocals, but they are pretty pushed back in the mix, super awesome riffs)


atolah: their album is called relics. this is a lesser known australlian doom metal band, purely instrumental, fantastic riffage, these guys fucking rock! get this cd if you want some classic doom metal in the vein of bongripper ect.


serpentcult: weight of light album, this is kind of a weird one for me to like, but i fucking love it! this shit is amazing. the instruments are deatly, but usually when the vocalists comes in i lose interest, this wasnt the case with this band, they have a female vocalist, and she compliments the band perfectly, if there is any cd on this list at all to check out, it would be this one. i was blown away by how refreshing this album was, and how unique this band is in a genre based on monotony and repetition.


liquid sound company: acid music for acid people, this isnt doom metal at all, but its def stoner/psych rock, its hella 60s and 70s influenced guitar jamming. if your into that, id check this out.


another good band with vocals this time:


bongzilla: apogee is the album i have, what would you suggest next?



im now 28 minutes in to the acid king album, this shit is dope! im gonna buy it here soon!


do you guys have any recommendations for me? anything mostly instrumental that im sleeping on?


i find i like my riffs more "doomy" than post-metaly:

ie, pelican is sorta alright, but i usually pass up their albums for bongripper or dopethrone when im in the whip.

baroness was awesome until the vocals came in, then they fucking sucked...


based on that, can you suggest me anything?

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On 4/8/2015 at 12:31 PM, aLBERThOFFMAN said:


On 4/8/2015 at 4:53 PM, Fist 666 said:

I just saw them with At the Gates and Converge. Unfortunately their sound was pretty shit and I was pretty disappointed.

Saw them with Baroness (it was just a 2 band show)  a few years ago and the fucking killed it. One of my favorite shows ever. 


Saw them a couple years later and the singer was sick and couldn't hit a lot of high notes so it wasn’t as rad. Still good though.  


Edit: i want to say the lineup was Pallbearer-Skeletonwitch-Obituary. I ate some edibles during Pallbearer and that made Skeletonwitch fucking incredible. Not a fan of them, but for whatever reason they’re fucking great live when you’re on edibles, haha. 

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