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I'm sure by now you've all seen this bullshit:



if not, merry fucking christmas.


However, the reason i started this thread was this:



"Audi has started its campaign to drum up interest in their new premium supermini which is due out in 2011. The latest stunt was to get a graffiti artist to apply his trade on an unsuspecting wall and render the car in spray paint.


Based closely on the Audi A1 Metroproject Quattro concept from 2007 the A1 will sit under the A3 in Audi's lineup and be a more comparable competitor to vehicles like the MINI, Fiat 500, and Alfa Romeo Mito.


Despite it's smaller size, the A1 looks to retain the sturdy proportions and chiseled lines for which Audi has become famous for. It also gets the same bold single-frame grille, and - by the looks of the graffiti image - those trademark LED headlights might be on the options list too.


When the A1 does finally hit the showrooms you can expect a range of four cylinder engines. The hotter versions of the A1 (S1 anyone?) which are due out later will more than likely include the quattro AWD system."




and hey, im not hating on the writers, or 'artist/designers' for what's going on.. at least hense got recognition for what he did, and got to put the 7th letter up. But audi, being a 'higher profile' auto manufacturer, prolly wouldnt want to endorse the thought of an ACTUAL graffiti writer running their marketing campaign.. therefore the dude remains nameless.


and the point illustrated above isnt even what grinds my gears the most.. its the fact that graffiti, no matter how you want to mind fuck yourself out of it, ISSSSS IRREFUTABLY:








as well as:



A MARKETING CAMPAIGN FOR MANY COMANIES (graphic design, motion graphics,[drips, stencils, overspray, bubbles] etc.)




graffiti takes hard work, dedication, and unless youre making money off of it, will fuck up your body and your life if you stay in the game and go very hard for very long. nobody sees this side of the 'gam3'. nobody wants to know. they just want to gear up an ad campaign, product, televisoin show, website, or whatever. my beef is with the companies.


of course this is all a bi-product of dedicated writers graduating with design degrees and incorporating graffiti style cues into a company's brand identity.. just makes me want to kill myself



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where to start or progress golf


I was very low, and even feel like I've discount golf clubs lost money to them. That's what I put together my golf fitness book (manual), to golf of any age or fitness level can be used immediately. What are the part of the book Fitness for golf? Golf Fitness book should cover strength specific to golf, flexibility, aerobic conditioning (Excerpt) and nutrition.

This is not a book Golf Fitness, a book that relates to "general" fitness, but the title revised to catch the golfers eye. In my opinion it is a bit misleading and may taylor made r9 fairway wood threaten consumers. When I did research for my golf fitness book (manual) I was very disappointed. As a certified fitness professional for over 20 years, and especially to work with players in the last Ping G10 Irons 10 years I waited for something good body of knowledge on this topic.

Second Golf Fitness book should be able to discuss the direct benefits of any exercise of the golf swing. Is ready to motivate why you some exercises, when you see how it will benefit your game.

the book should have progressive Golf Fitness golf fitness exercises and complete program for you to "higher level". I saw so many books that have "general" exercises (not golf-specific), which have no taylormade r7 cgb max fairway wood meaning, format or progression. That would leave his frustration and not knowing where to start or progress. These components must be focused on golf, and no one tries to build or tone muscles or just improve their physical.

It should also discuss the starting titleist ap2 irons point for golfers of all ages and fitness levels. Golf fitness evaluation right in the book to determine your current 'physical fitness, and finally starting point. So, are you sure that you are doing this thing, callaway ft i-brid irons "right" to help your game will not hurt her. I think that the greatest interest in any golf, he did not know where to start, and make sure that he or she will be for them.

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the hense x adultswim x kia thing was a collaboration so thats why his name was mentioned. that short interview was to highlight KIA, adultswim and hense as a capable artist.


i don't know who painted the audi but i think you will find it was a well established writer who was contracted to do that ad. meaning he was employed by audi for an amount of money to showcase their product and not himself

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YEAH RIGHT, are you aware of the amount of money those dudes probably got to do that stupid 2 minute commercial, I would do that in a second if someone asked me.


wether you believe it's a sellout move or not, that's where I stand..

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i wouldnt be suprised if that car actually was a word.


Uh yeah, it says A1, the name of the fucking car....



and i thought writers came to this forum

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