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Dying to get out of 2009

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So heres a list of people that died in 2009(in no certain order)


it will definitely not include everyone that you might want it to


so feel free to add on to this unfortunate list


Walter Cronkite

The "CBS Evening News" standard-bearer guided a nation through times of turmoil and great achievement. He was long considered "the most trusted man in America." He died July 17 at age 92.



Don Hewitt

(Jim Cooper / Associated Press)

The highly respected newsman and creator and executive producer of the CBS television newsmagazine "60 Minutes" died Aug. 19 of pancreatic cancer. He was 86.



Paul Harvey


Radio pioneer Paul Harvey, 90, was long considered the most-listened-to radio broadcaster in the world and known for his flag-waving conservatism. He died Feb. 28.



Robert Novak

(Alex Wong / Getty Images)

The syndicated columnist and television commentator, 78, was the first journalist to disclose the identity of CIA operative Valerie Plame. He died Aug. 18 after battling brain cancer.



Michael Jackson

( Simon Kwong / Reuters )

The legendary King of Pop's life was infused with fantasy and tragedy. It seemed the perennial man-child would cease to exist if the applause ever stopped. He died June 25 at age 50



Brittany Murphy

(Peter Kramer / Associated Press)

Brittany Murphy, the actress who broke out with the teen comedy "Clueless" and gained critical acclaim for her role as rapper Eminem's love interest in the hip-hop drama "8 Mile," died Sunday morning of sudden cardiac arrest, police said. She was 32



Billy Mays

(Scott Keeler / St. Petersburg Times)

The infomercial pitchman became a cultural phenomenon. He died June 28 at 50



David Carradine

(Associated Press)

The actor, who became a TV icon in the 1970s as an enigmatic Buddhist monk in "Kung Fu" and more recently played the head of a group of assassins in the "Kill Bill" movies, was found hanged in a Bangkok hotel June 4. He was 72.



Steve McNair

(Geoff Burke / U.S. Presswire)

The former NFL quarterback who was named co-most valuable player in 2003 was found shot to death July 4. He was 36



Patrick Swayze

(Rabih Moghrabi / AFP)

The actor best known as the star of the films "Dirty Dancing" and "Ghost," died Sept. 14 after a battle with pancreatic cancer.



Farrah Fawcett

The "Charlie's Angels" actress and pinup beauty icon of the 1970s died June 25 from a rare cancer. She was 62.



Karl Malden


The performer, who won an Oscar for playing Mitch in the 1951 film "A Streetcar Named Desire" with Marlon Brando and starred in the 1970s TV series "The Streets of San Francisco," was one of Hollywood's strongest and most versatile supporting actors. He died July 1 at age 97 of natural causes.



Bea Arthur

The Broadway actress and sharp-tongued TV star of "Golden Girls" and "Maude" died of cancer April 25 at age 86.



John Hughes

John Hughes, the influential writer-director who captured the humor and angst of the teen experience, 1980s style, in hit movies such as "Sixteen Candles," "The Breakfast Club" and "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," died Aug. 6. He was 59.



Ricardo Montalban

(Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times)

The actor, 88, was often type-cast as a Latin lover and was best known as Mr. Roarke on "Fantasy Island." He was respected for his work to improve the image of other Latino actors and died Jan. 14.

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Marilyn Chambers

(New World Pictures)

The adult movie queen was the wholesome model on Ivory Snow detergent boxes in the 1970s before making her adult movie debut in the porn classic "Behind the Green Door." She died April 12 at age 56.



Ed McMahon

Johnny Carson's longtime sidekick and announcer on "The Tonight Show" died June 23 at age 86.



Dom DeLuise

(Los Angeles Times)

The film and television actor, 75, who provided comedic support in movies for actors such as Mel Brooks and Burt Reynolds, died May 4.



Soupy Sales

(Paul W. Bailey / NBC)

The slapstick comic was a TV star in the 1960s whose signature routine was pie-throwing. He died Oct. 22 at age 83.



Dan Seals

(Rod Boren / For The Times)

The singer-guitarist was England Dan of the pop duo England Dan and John Ford Coley, which had the hit song "I'd Really Love to See You Tonight," among others. He died March 25 at 61 of complications related to lymphoma.



Brendan Mullen

The founder of the Masque club in Hollywood helped launch the West Coast's punk rock scene in the late 1970s. He died Oct. 12 after suffering a stroke. He was 60.



Lux Interior

(Los Angeles Times)

The co-founder of the New York City horror-punk band the Cramps died Feb. 4. He was 62.



Bob Bogle

The co-founder, left, of the Ventures was the original lead guitarist of the influential instrumental rock band whose hits included "Walk -- Don't Run" and the " Hawaii Five-O" TV theme. He died June 14 at 75.|



Andrew Wyeth

(Associated Press)

The painter's durable and realistic scenes of rural Pennsylvania and Maine made him one of America's best-loved artists. He died Jan. 16 at 91.



Helen Levitt

(© Estate of Helen Levitt)

The pioneer of street photography in the United States in the 1930s died March 29 at 95.



Edward M. Kennedy

( Associated Press )

The Massachusetts Democrat and icon of American liberal politics was the last surviving brother of a legendary political family. He died Aug. 25 at age 77.



Claiborne Pell

(Charles Krupa / Associated Press)

The six-term Democratic senator from Rhode Island was the force behind the Pell Grant program, which has helped tens of millions of Americans attend college. He died Jan. 1 at age 90.



Chuck Daly

(Ed Reinke / Associated Press)

The Hall of Fame basketball coach led the Detroit Pistons to back-to-back NBA titles and the "Dream Team" to an Olympic gold medal. He died May 9 of cancer at 78.

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Eunice Kennedy Shriver

( Associated Press )

The sister of John F. Kennedy and mother of Maria Shriver founded the Special Olympics and was a tireless advocate for the mentally disabled, helping to bring people with special needs into the mainstream of American life. She died Aug. 11 at age 88.



Millard Fuller

(John Bazemore / Associated Press)

A self-made millionaire who gave away his wealth to start the Christian house-building group Habitat for Humanity, he died Feb. 3.



Kay Yow

(Mary Ann Chastain / Associated Press)

The Hall of Fame women's basketball coach at North Carolina State University won more than 700 games while earning fans with her fight against breast cancer. She died Jan. 24 at age 66.



Beverly Eckert

(Douglas Healey / Associated Press)

The Sept. 11 widow, 57, turned her grief into powerful advocacy, pushing for the creation of the 9/11 Commission to investigate the attacks and for Congress to reform America's secret intelligence agencies. She died Feb. 12 in the Continental Airlines plane crash near Buffalo, N.Y.-(I FOUND THIS IRONIC)



John Updike

(James A. Parcell / Washington Post)

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author whose novels and short stories exposed an undercurrent of ambivalence and disappointment in small-town, middle-class America, died Jan. 27 of lung cancer. He was 76.



Dominick Dunne

(Associated Press)

The author and former producer was famous for his accounts of celebrity trials, including those of the Menendez brothers and O.J. Simpson. He died Aug. 26 of cancer at 83.



Les Paul

( Richard Drew / Associated Press )

The technical innovations of the virtuoso guitarist, "who was artistic and scientific at the same time," fueled the rise of rock 'n' roll. He died Aug. 13 at age 94.



Dave Arneson

A co-creator of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy game and a pioneer of role-playing entertainment, Arneson died April 7. He was 61.



John Houghtaling

(Paul J. Milette / Palm Beach Post)

The inventor of the coin-operated vibrating Magic Fingers bed once pervasive in motel rooms died June 17. He was 92.

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"The actor best known as the star of the films "Dirty Dancing" and "Ghost,"


"was found hanged in a Bangkok hotel June 4. He was 72." NH


I'm sorry but even now :lol:

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Wow, I didn't know about Brendan Mullen or Jim Carroll. RIP.






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Wow, I didn't know about Brendan Mullen or Jim Carroll. RIP.













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I knew the Grim Reaper would come through! The Rev. LOL




Are you trying to look anemic? At least now they don't have to add posthumous make up for the open casket. His skin complexion is the exact same living as it is dead.

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God must've missed, I think he was aiming for sinister.




God should do use all a favor and kill off everyone on earth who looks like this.

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