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Jay Electronica

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It was awhile back...prolly like a year and a half, maybe a little longer.


I've never seen Sean P, but I can't imagine it being anything less than dope. I saw Rock and he was real good, plus he signed an autograph for my ex "II: Da Doof - Monstah Man Rocko" on the back of a Ben and Jerry's free scoop card..always used to give me a good giggle haha

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Haha yeah, Rock was cool. It was comedy to see his giant black self standing next to my 5'3, 97 lb, giddy ass girlfriend. She was like "I hated your CD at first, but my boyfriend kept playing it and I really like it now" or something like that, mad drunk haha


I also dapped him up and dude had the biggest hands I've ever fuckin seen, with these long ass alien fingers.

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Hahahah, which is why I don't bring girls along with me to most shows I attend. Besides that they are usually annoying. Have yet to meet a girl that "gets" why it's fun to go to shows and "stand around and paying double what you could pay for the cd" Fuckin annoying


I take back the air of coveting a chick who wants to attend shows. Most the girls i see at rap shows are dingy lookin

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She didn't really wanna come, but she didn't want me to leave her home either, so she came and had alot of fun.


We also saw Jay-Z together, which was the greatest show I've ever seen by far, and was just an awesome night in general. She wasn't big on going because she didn't like him much, but that show changed her mind, as it would of done for anyone who saw it.


She was kind of "indie" I guess, and I would have never set foot in a show she wanted to see for anything, so I went and saw shitty movies instead as a compromise

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That's the one thing I have observed and criticize, the whole noshow. I go to a lot of different kinds of shows. And all the extreme music shows I've been to none of the bands have fallen out. Well a handful have but not nearly as much as rap shows. Perhaps i should just blame shitty managers

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