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Your Art Thread

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nomaq my gripe has always been that you use far too much white other than that its always pretty solid, i am at times envious of your skin tones.


heres some drawings from shit i saw on the internet and used for subject matter..oh the plagarism. anyway theres no link between her and the tiger before anyone states the tiger shows some sort of fierce yet beatiful side blah blah i like being rough these days. prison rough.



also can i get some dicks shipped my way. i dont do stickers but cocks with zimaframes make me laugh.

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Stained Glass:   This one was a Christmas present for my mom.  13 separate panels instead of going ez-mode and replacing the wood lattice in the door.  Unfortunately was limited in glass cho

I think the obvious similarity is that it's vector, and the colour palette of that particular illustration. Otherwise i don't think my style is like Shepherd Fairey, if it's seen that way it's definit

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Preciate that well thought critique skroez!

I went to the art institue of atlanta for 3 years and had a lots of life drawing experience nothing but nakedness. And nothing i cant get my girl to do. I hate seeing life drawing sketches because everyone does it. Its so fucking typical its not even right. I mean ive done enuff life drawing and life painting in my day to know anatomy and depth to pull off a decent painting i would think. But seeing someones portfolio with a live nude painting in it or like some one sitting lookin off in the mist screams newb and artschool .***


Ive taken my own photos before just havent put any together to paint yet. Which is another step that wanna try to set me apart.


But yea ive gotten the i should do more live painting from someone else who was still in school for fine art and all his work was life drawings lol smh***


Ive been working on my skin tones since last year just really actually started to study them. Your blue greens idea sounds fuckin awesome ill add that . And i use to use Golden open acrylics which is a slow drying acrylic like oils . Thats why in person my work looks more oily. these last like 8 pieces are done with cheap walmart apple barrel and folk art shit that i mix gloss mediums and thinners with to get the colors i want.***


And the reason for me not using oils besides the hella slow drying time and prices and shit is the risks. I have a 2 year old that wants to be like daddy so see sneaks in my studio and wrecks shit and oils have to much chemicals and harmful shit over the long run. Anyways He painted on the face of one of my pieces that now i dont want to fix so its trash lol .***


But yea golden open acrylics is the closes ill ever get to oils. But agian its pricey so no time soon lol ill leep trying my best to keep these cheap acrylics to look more and more like oils.***


Is that link of shawn barber? I cant click it cause im on my phone. But yea i know of him he's a beast with oils. Also have u heard of sabastian kruger? Dude uses all acrylics. So when you think about goin back to oils and dying just check him out lol i dont think anyone has told him he needs to add depth lol. Plus shawn barber has blown depth up anyone caught painting multiple hands or arms or faces obviouly got it from him lol***


Anyways im trying to be more of a kruger then a barber . If i was to goto any workshop it would be a kruger. Dude set the bar high.


Anyways preciate the talk ill work more on my anatomy! And skintones!***


Cool mate, Sorry for the delay in replying, Sounds like you know where your at man, Props..Cant fault you..I guess you've answered all my questions basically..

You say you studied art in Atlanta, I'm from the U.K, but used to write to a girl from GA, She was from a place called Eatonton, and went to GMC, This was years back before computers where on the scene....

Anyways Thats a differnt story.. As I said seems you know where your at with everything, cant flault you, Just keep doing what you do best man, I do like your work lots, I admire your passion too..I've been finding it hard to get motivated with painting due to health reasons and I bit of art/painting block, you know when you cant get your shit together..Though Strangely I'm drawing lots, I'm sketching ideas for paintings, Infact I've been drawing more lately than I ever had for years, like I'm making up for lost time.. its just getting motivated to paint these ideas I have problems with ATM...

Hopefully it will pass when I start my treatment, etc.. and its always good to check here and other places to see and get inspired by what other people are doing..


I'm glad that your happy to experiment with greens, blues, browns, and greys in your skin tones. Just mix up your skin tones, say white, red or brown/yellow, then add touches of green, blue, grey, just play with these mixes on your palette, adding more colour or less etc, You know the Idea, Its surprising the hues and shades you come out with.

I think its something to do with blood under your skin, That has a green/blue tint in your body, but blood turns to red when its exposed to the oxygen, outside your body in the air, all near your skin, that's why your veins look blue under or skin, esp near your wrists..

And your veins are returning blood that's depleted of oxygen to your heart,..

I'm not sure if there truth in it, but I've found that mixing bluey-greys to skin tones adds something extra than just more browns, esp with male faces when painting the stubble area..


Anyways Nice one Looking forward to what you do next..I'm feeling that painting at the top of this page..


There is great work in this section, by everyone to this thread, to the Abstract thread, Drawing etc, Really great work here..


Cool...I'll post some things up soon man..

In fact its about a good time as any to paint something now..

Nice one..


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eastswaggings, really nice stuff. seems like a whole lot of symbolism in those.

armand hammer, nice sketch. also really digging the direction of your recent, more abstract stuff in the sketch thread. if i weren't poor as shit, i'd try to buy something like that from you.

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Needs more work...


your detail is absolutely amazing but if i were to critique, i think it is a bit much on the hand don't you think you should soften it up a bit? no dis, just saying.I know how hard hands are to draw anyway when you want them just right. over all very excellent work!

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Thanks, I should have stated that it was done using a ball point pen.

When I was working on the hand I got some drips thus making the veins seem exaggerated.

I was trying to go for the softer look though and its rather hard to get the right amount of pressure at times :)

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