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Your Art Thread


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I like them paintings Gnarwalker..

Stagnant water, that painting is nuts, Really like it, It will be interesting to see your work in the next few months.


I'm still toying with these, I'm somewhat not sure I really like the way there progressing, Something about them?


Still all W.I.P. Future paintings I might change and make them more graphic.




Meant to be a cheeky expression of Lee, after a new whole car, on them new steel trains. I'm not sure of the buildings, If they work better dark or lighter?




Changed the sky on this one..



and this..



Nice one..


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been working on this piece for a while, but not too stoked on how it all looks together. I am thinking of cutting the spider out as a stand alone piece, and using the left over paper space to do some more single bug pieces to use.


all of them together is really not jiving for me for some reason


sorry for the quality









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rough outline for a painting already in progress... i'll post the finished product later. this drawing is about 6 x 8 inches... the painting is on a piece of wood roughly 2 x 3 1/2 feet. it's being colored in with ink and watercolor. hoping to finish it up within the next week...



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Groyn I like what youve done so far.


Nowon I am diggn that tea pot!


So I was bored today after finishing a stupid test mug....Ive really been trying to get back to human figure stuff. SO here was the quicky female sculpt. Check dat ass ahahha proportions are all off







and yes my studio is a FLIPPN MESS!

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