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Your Art Thread

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Stained Glass:   This one was a Christmas present for my mom.  13 separate panels instead of going ez-mode and replacing the wood lattice in the door.  Unfortunately was limited in glass cho

I think the obvious similarity is that it's vector, and the colour palette of that particular illustration. Otherwise i don't think my style is like Shepherd Fairey, if it's seen that way it's definit

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thanks guys. Hayabusa, that came together pretty nicely. skroez im diggin your painting technique, esp the portraits in the 2nd one. is that oil?


Thanks man, Its acrylic, I did use oils for a a bit, But a went back to acrylics not because I dislike oils, Just find acrylics more practical, esp in my flat. or apartment. I paint in a similar way to how I used Oils.

I'm thinking of going back to oils, I'll see how things go..


Thanks anyway..


Looking good Hayabusa,

"i always found t-kid to be a guy with a lot of character and charisma for some reason. Very drawn to drawing/painting him hah"


haha Yeah, T.Kid has a lot of Character, He has one of them faces that are great to paint.

I'm just working on a painting of LEE, Its in the early stages ATM, But he has a face that's pretty unique...


PS Shortfuse, Great work man..


Anyway Thanks.

Nice one...


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I was diggn the bike I didnt realize that the dog was on there till the vid. Awesome. How do the bikes ride. I could see how getting crazy with the design but also insuring structural strength could be difficult at times.


If I knew how to weld Id probably be going nuts with everything I could get my hands on.

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Well the firing was a fail. It went hot enough but inside the saggar inclosure which is a reduction atmosphere, it wasnt hot enough....totally ruined my day. None of the clear got hot enough to do anything! so Im baking most of the fumed colors off to try again...just thought Id share because I said I would



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