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Your Art Thread


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Public Enemy: Holy moly that animal is neat, the line work is seriously absurdly good. i would love to see almost some just line illustrations man. Cool style.


Haybussa continues to just fuck with my brain getting dangerously close to photorealism. But maintains his original style/flair. radical. Super clean.


Lewis and Clark: Really cool flow and line work, color might be cool.


Broken Face. I really like the second one, some of them are just too busy or unfinished looking for my brain. You are probably about as patient as me :p but I do like what you are doing. Just clean it up a little (time=quality with that style, crisp edges would make it so much doper)


Edogg: Those paintings are fine, I cant fucking paint for shit but you could bump up the contrast a little. contrast is a powerful tool. what I really like is the geometric paintings. Maybe tone down the backgrounds so the lines pop more. I like the layout a LOT.


Short FUse: Makes me want to learn how to make shit with my hands. So dope.


StonerBoner: Blasphemously good for a first "non graffiti painting". Dont stop.

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ShortFuse, that's pretty fucking wild. Keep us posted with it.


I have no work to share but i came across a childhood book of mine called "Dinotopia" over the weekend.

Completely forgot how great the illustrations were.

For those of you interested, take a look at the author's website, worth a look if you like dinosaurs and shit haha


James Gurney

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Dope painting, Schismism, Really like that man, Colours are raw!!!!


Public enemy, Cool, full on man.. You have better concentration than I ever would with all the details.


Edogg, Love that skull man, love your painting style you have, great use of colour too. Dope!


hayabusa always top notch man, look forwad to how your lastest painting takes shape, always love the progression flicks..


All good in here!!!


I've two W.I.P pieces that I'm unsure where to take them next?




This as had a bit more done to it since this flick was took, (I'm lame at taking photos too, also its just a mobile phone flick.

Its meant to be two V.S officers chasing a writer, I'm not sure if to had another writer or put in one more train in the far background with building further back? Or leave it as it is? I was thinking of maybe putting a train closer in the foreground?

I've started the one train with a trap skeme train.




Again a W.I.P, I've painted more since this flick, I'm not sure if to carry on with the buildings in the background? Or paint something to balance it out if I don't go further with more buildings? Like something to symbolize New York, like Broklyn bridge or statue of liberty, On the right hand side?

I've thought of redoing the sky too, ATM its just one undercoat, I'll add more glazes, layers on top.

But was thinking of maybe a different colour? Or leave it the monocrome type colour that is in much of the painting, infact most of the colour I've used as been, blues, browns, and white. with touches of red.


Anyway Thanks for any ideas you may have.

Nice one..


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Decided that since my surface treatment that Ill be attempting is a test I wanted to not go to far in depth with this. The roots will be glazed clear before the final preparation. The whole piece will sit in a 3 inch bed of saw dust and behind the roots Im going to mix sawdust and wheat paste and stuff it underneath. Salt and copper carbonate will be used to get red blushings etc. IM hoping to get a good depth by the burning carbon darkening under and around the roots. ANd the bottom should blacken and smoke towards the the burn line of the sawdust. And what should happen during all the fuming and smoking the clear glaze should behave poorly bubbling and crawling given the roots a corse texture. SO that is what I hope to get from this ahahah but its pretty unpredictable.



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