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Your Art Thread


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Thanks. It was a pretty involved process.

Feel free to skip over this if you don't give a shit internet people:


I took fourteen images of different icons (e.g. Mary of Magdeline, Buddha, Quan Yen, etc.) and super imposed them in photochop. I then took that image flattened it and repainted it with watercolor. Shrank that and reprinted that image on cheap photocopy paper.

It was for a school assignment on time and sequence.

I was trying to make a comment about religions and philosophies and the simialrity between them and the fact that they are dressing it up in all of this opulant bullshit but it's still just a copy (i.e. a whole lot of arrows and no good letters.)

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So Iv been on a experimentation kick. SO much so I havent messed with much creation wise. I got a painting area in my studio but havent touched it. As we know from an earlier post I focus mainly on the ceramic, or at least Im getting back to my roots.


So to start. The biggest frustration of mine. My "bain of existence" I know I spelled it wrong. For a couple of weeks (this being done inbetween everything else) I had been trying to make a larger form to use which would be something to make money with. An idea of mine that had seemed good (still does) but has been a struggle to find a good base structure. From a form made of wooden forms stacked and glued, to a clay covered object, to finding a good shape on random at Walmart for really cheap but having to break 3 of them (repurchasing each time) until I finally accomplished the mold. So it is, as carved, my bain of exist"e"nce!



Since I live where the clay is literally the ground everywhere I decided to dig up and screen (with a nice tight silk screen for making shirts) some ground to help filter out the clay from the non clay. Its pretty because you get such a sparkle from the mica that sneaks by. Well this is 100% clay from my back yard and a slight bit of recycled paper (1/3) to strengthen/help it a bit.



SO for those who saw the old pics the colors in them are as random as the flames. SO in experimentation I figured I might as well, before the firing, re decorate the surface before it is to be randomly decorated. Make it become a lil more complex before the random complexity. Plus IM going to Mummy fire these this time around which is a lil more controlled and less detrimental to the piece.



and here is some stupid giraffe egg thing I made out of boredom.



Back to the "bain of existence" .....it took 7 bags of plaster (15 a pop) and 3 purchased forms to get this thing right. Or at least where I want it to see if it works. Money aside I learned one thing......DAP Plaster of Paris weathers quickly vs potters plaster. So still stuck in the experimental stage I bought a lil 10 buck tank pump to "weather" over time plaster pieces. I thought he rain will do the job but why wait. Im just trying to find natural random errosions for texture elements.




It might not be finished art but I thought Id at least drop you guys a line.

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Figured Id post part of my experimentation from above. It turned out looking like a meteor shower. Ill be able to see if I like the postive turn out on a clay slab. Diggn it so far.




have this one going tonight. i carved out some curves to help persuade the water as it rolls down.


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SO I fired up the kiln again tuesday night and it finished about 3pm the next day. This morning I was able to open it up to see how my saggars did. Saggars are basically containers the pots sit in with combustible stuff i.e saw dust, salt, copper carbonate etc. I stated up top that I was doing mummies. Basically clay drenched burlap wrapped around the pot. Not as good as a traditional saggar but hey it beats constructing multiple boxes for each pot.


Crazy how I lost the mixed color look of the different clays but it remained very faint.





the best one out of the bunch.





Totally upset that this one is the worst. Oh well. Its why I havent used any pots that took time. All test pieces.


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just finished this a few days ago. i used spray paint to block in the color and then illustrated over it with india ink and a speedball calligraphy pen. the background is a mix of acrylic and airbrush paint. i've been thinking it needs something else in the background, but don't really know what to do. any suggestions?

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