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Your Art Thread


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I like the bird painted. Although I wish there was something you could do to take away from painted wooden block. I think it makes the piece look somewhat not as special. You should find a nice piece of downed branch and transfer it. Kinda give that mechanical abstracted look with a nice organic appeal. If you live on the water a nice piece of drift wood could work. Have it all elevated over a plain bright white stand with 2 posts holding it for some clean presentation.


Already thought about that I live near a lake so i figured i would start using drift wood in the furture, it would be a little more earthy. Its winter time right now so screw digging in the snow and cold

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These last few months have been very busy without any time for artwork

today was my first official day off where I had some time to do a piece ive been thinking about for a long time.

I had got arches paper and it was just sitting there pissing me off, so today, hung over as hell, i started and completed this drawing




in hindsight: really like the face, not so much the head feathers but thats life. Its 11" by 15", gunna frame it soon just need to get some matting

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is that a real type of bird? for some reason the length of the tail feathers are bothering me. Like they need to be longer just passed the wings.


But Im not dissing your art. ha. I love all your drawings. Great work.


its a bateleur eagle. Sometimes called "the tight rope walker" because it has a very short tail, and instead of using a tail to stabilize itself in flight, it moves its entire body from side to side like its balancing on a tight rope.


The head of it is like some sort of cirque du soleil shit. and its on a tight rope....

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They are all the same (some just photographed better than others.) Delta Acrylic paints and Decocolor markers on plywood.


Here are some pics of them framed






bnasty! those are super good, i love comic / cartoon drawings, i wish there was a bit more or larger colorshades / shading on the large 1 color spaces




just me! keep on doing what youre doing, those look great and super clean

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