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I f*cking want one, with guns, give it to me now

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*Read to the tune of Lenny Kravitz "Fly Away".




S. Korea develops human-powered aircraft: Air Force





SEOUL, Dec. 17 (Yonhap) -- The Air Force said Thursday it has developed a human-powered aircraft that can be pedaled off the ground and propelled with human energy to fly.


The "Sky Runner," which weighs just 40 kilograms but has a wingspan of 30 meters, managed to fly 150m and 100m in its two preliminary flight tests last week, an Air Force official said.


"The flying distance was short, but can be improved through systematic pilot training," said Lt. Col. Choi Seong-ok, who oversees the development at the Air Force Academy in central South Korea.


The propeller aircraft is manned by a pilot who provides thrust by pedaling during take-off and flight, Choi said. The Air Force, which plans to seek a greater budget for technical enhancement to the aircraft, said South Korea has become the fifth in the world to develop a man-powered airplane.


The U.S. has the best record in flight distance by such an aircraft, posting 119km for over nearly four hours in 1998, according to the South Korean Air Force. Japan posted 1.4km in 1983.






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NO WAY MAN, this is going to be super cool. We'll be able to fly through the city, in between tall buildings, it will make a sound like a rocket (or a harley depending if you put cards in the spokes or not) and it will have cool machine guns that we can shoot down pigeons and sea gulls with.



This is going to be so fucking cool.

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This is going to be so fucking cool.


wrong. and clearly your an absolute idiot for even thinking about setting foot into a godamned pedal powered flying 10 speed built by a country that is renowned for horrible fucking mechanics.


those things = death wish

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