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alright so its saturday morning, and i'm in bed with the miss, just lounging, sexing, and being potatoes...


Comes the time where i gotta fart. Now i know some of you cats will hold a fart in, to stay polite or whatever, but fuck that shit, a fart is intended to come out, and its my fuckin bed. So i proceed to fart. My girl knows my position on farting...she's a little grossed out but she knows she can't do anything about it.


Now for the twist : after i fart, i SMELL my fart. I always do that. Its a love and hate relationship. although its poop related and i ain't got no love for poop, i enjoy the smell of MY farts...i'm sure some of you can relate, cuz i asked around after this happened, and 99% of my boys smell their farts and have at the very least curiosity for them. Real talk.


after i smelled it saturday morning, which was the first time my girl realized i smell that shit (we've only been together for about 6 months), she goes apeshit, laughs out loud and tells me its the most fuckin bizarre and disgusting behaviour she has ever witnessed. So i try to explain to her that guys do that, but she stays sceptical and goes on with her apeshittyness...


So i pick the phone up and call my dad up, telling her i'll prove her i'm normal and that even grown men do that shit. my dad picks up and i ask him the "do you smell your farts" question. he cracks up, we talk about, we joke, he agrees, i win...and then out of the blue he starts telling me about the fact that he tried to light up a fart with a lighter the other day and that it smelled like burnt ass hair.

we laugh about it, have a good time, he tells me to keep that story to myself...and thats the moment when i annouce to him that he's been on speakerphone the whole time and that my girl is now doing backflips because she can't believe the absurdty and severity of everything she just heard.


thought this was worth sharing. Thers no real punchline, i just thought it was a funny story.


Don't deny your farts for real, that shit is important.



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I think its hilarious when you're pissing at a public urinal and there is other dudes in there going at the same time, and someone (either you or a stranger down the line) lets a pee-fart rip

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this thread had me laughing for a while until i scrolled down to see madonna..that ruined my night...










not the veiny part mind you..i just really hate that bitch.

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my homeboy ripped a silet one that smelled like chips... i got hungry off of it til he put me down w the truth.. gross

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