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were talking alien metals & AI beyond vs a human-controlled robot




still... the gundam series runs pretty deep, lots of political undertones


wing zero is fucking gay though, its all about deathscythe

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Bojangles is going to shit on you



Two words...

































The Fallen


If the first Transformers were Cybertron's disciples, then The Fallen is its Judas. At the dawn of time, he was a Prime, one of a brotherhood of vastly powerful beings dedicated to the well-being of their world. But The Fallen, whose original name has long since been forgotten, would gain his moniker by turning against his brothers and his purpose to pursue his own ends. His frightening form is a metal cage for primal, burning forces of chaos, giving him the appearance of a living furnace. These cauldron-like forces purged him of what empathy and morality remained.

The Fallen is immensely powerful. He commands mystic, entropic arts, and when at full strength he can un-make creation at his focused will. He is rarely defeated; at best he is contained, where he waits with eternal patience for the chance to unleash his dark powers once again. Though he has often been imprisoned between dimensions, this rarely lasts. The Fallen can open space bridges and travel between dimensions, though he mostly uses this power to teleport short distances. Because of this ability, The Fallen has seen many universes. In several, he is the originator of the Decepticons, the catalyst that prompted Megatron to claim power for himself rather than the greater good.

If there is any reprieve, it is that there is only one of him. Like his brothers, The Fallen is a multiversal singularity, meaning that in all of the vast multiverse, he has no alternate-universe doppelganger. But while the exact details of his past are hard to reconcile, two things remain consistent: He is bad news, and he's on fire.




...The Fallen doesn't kill you. He unmakes your existence.



Can your Gundam do that?

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Neon Genesis Evangelion it's eh.

googled the synopsis for this & it didnt sounds terrible


& shaolin, "mobile suit gundam" is the one that started it all like 30 years ago

there are lots of different series, but "gundam wing" was one of the latest, if not the latest one - not sure


wing zero is the main gay one




& one other, but it was lame


personally, i always liked how all the bad infantry mobile suits looked /nh

its cool how different models were named after constellations & later on redesigned into mobile dolls that human pilots were too slow against

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0083 was my favorite series, 2nd favorite would have to be the 8th ms team series. i too am a secret gundam nerd .. but i really do enjoy the animation and effects from the older series much more than the newer CG stuff from wing and the 00 series. gundan f91 was pretty bad ass too , i got that on dvd took forever to find.

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I still say gundam. Although that butterfly prancing attack destroys tech but the Transformers in their defense are living beings....so technically are they technology? They copied earths stuff to remain hidden. Doesnt that mean theyre more of a morphing type of alien?


The most of any gundam I actually enjoyed was Gundam Seed. My friend gave me the whole series and recommended I watch. I always hated Gundam Wing because it was a giant soap opera with robots....and no tits!! WHY NO TITS!!!



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