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Things you Hate Appreciation thread..........................

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1 hour ago, mn1_fuckos said:

when you're on the phone and someone is trying to get you to pay attention to them because they have something unrelated say



Fr. Fuck off Ashley, that dog post on fb you tagged me in can wait 

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Better for them to arrive when chilling is an option but I totally agree with you



about 10 years back we had finished a nice full colour end to end in  southern Germany in a pretty easy spot.


Photos had been taken etc and we were all relaxed walking out from this little clump of trees at the fence before some really well lit open ground we'd have to scoot over to reach the street and then make our way to the car.


Police car comes round at the moment me and two others were about to clear the trees. We hit the deck behind the bushes around the base of the trees.


But 1st guy had left the cover of the trees and the only thing to hide him was this wispy  grass tussock that was about 1ft by 1ft.


He was curled up behind that like a soldier on Omaha beach on D-Day.underneath huge spotlights.


Road was covered in black ice and the cops had to go along two sides of the open ground in front of us to be out of sight. Took them whole minutes of tire spinning to make the  quarter mile total they had to drive to go past us.


At the end they were beside us not in front of us as the road curved and that was of course where they took the most time while we're all sweating balaclava'd up holding bags of paint and evidence on cameras thinking that if security does come up behind us we're fucked.


I actually don't know how super hardcore train guys deal with it week in week out.




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