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Things you Hate Appreciation thread..........................

Poesia [ ] T

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I hate when people use bad spelling and grammar without meaning to. i just say "CMON SON" every time i see someone spell "they are" like "their".





:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :rolleyes: :mad: :(



*c'mon son


But I feel ya anyway

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Ignorant people that believe every viral news/food comparison/special feel good story/special racial hate story/everything on Social Media.


People trying to get internet fame by "exposing" "truths." Like that dude that bashed Kraft cheese because when he took a flame to it and it wouldnt burn. Like ummm of course they arent going to make a flammable/highly combustible food product. I mean do some research. Ever heard of a Flash Point? BAH!!!


Prices of chicken and beef.


Why Meteorologists get paid good money to be wrong 95% of the time.


Why fast food is far from fast these days and why is it so expensive for the quality...


Reality television






Why someone who gets caught as a criminal is considered Thug yet someone who avoids capture by being smart isnt. I mean that never really made sense to me. Boasting about Jail time...I mean you sucked at what you did so much that even the dumbest of cops could find you out. No medal for you, no ribbon, no you dont even get a "thank you for participating" paper. Shame is what you get.


People who are content with doing nothing in life. Not saying you have to go big, but back away from the computer and make something.


The new bells and whistles on cars these days. People are lazy enough because of technology we dont need them to be lazy and driving 75mph. I mean the warning lights for if somebody is next to you is good right? But in the commercials the guy doesnt even check his mirrors! BAH!




How there is more information at peoples fingers tips these days then there ever has been and yet society has never been more dumb.


...I gotta stop

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agree with you on all the bullshit they put on cars these days. I feel like the modern automobile is nothing more than a smartphone with wheels. I love my jeep for its simplicity, everything is pretty much mechanical, and is super easy to fix when it breaks and very dependable. the electrical components I can count on one hand.


on another note one thing I hate is people who are slobs, take that mess somewhere else and stay the fuck away from e and my stuff

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the cars that parallel park for you are a fuckin joke. in minority report, all the future cunts are just twiddling their thumbs in their googlesque smart cars while having zero control of it other than selecting the destinations. driving just got so much more fun -no actual driving involved


UNRELIABLE PEOPLE. that is what i originally intended to post in this ol thread hea

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