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Things you Hate Appreciation thread..........................

Poesia [ ] T

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-bitches that think they're models just because they have a few pictures of themselves on the internetz

-tpwf hipsters that move into the hood

-motherfuckers that complain how shitty their life is but refuse to do anything to change it

-bad drivers

-duck face self shot myspace photos

-fat bitches that wear revealing clothes

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lets give a wack at it...............................i fuckin hate fat drunk bitches at the bar thinking they look good ass fuck but in reality look like angry bulldogs.i hate nowa days little kids dont got the funny educational shows like doug and rugrats that taught us lessons in live about how to be a better person..now a days liitle shits watch fucking future whores talkin bout boys and shit...i blame the media..i fucking hate cops..the badge gives a average joe dumb hick the right to beat on people..even fuckin murder..with a slap on the wrist...fuckin drunk driver cop killed my friend and his boy and he just got his licence took away...thats the cpd for ya...yo i love this thread i hate a lot of shit


Was your boy, Afroe or Evol(RIP)

If So Fuck that fuckin cop, if not, fuck that fuckin cop

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People that ask you about your weekend on a Monday morning, but before you even have a chance to answer, they go into a 10 minute monologue about their weekend.

You're doing it wrong and I don't give a fuck about you and your stupid shit.




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I totally forgot about Avril Lavigne but I saw Fast Food Nation yesterday and saw her fake ass wack 'pop punk' face and it filled me with rage. Also Pink, same category of abusing something to make $$ and I still see her chewed up rank face on MTV ads. Also the MASSIVE INFLUX of shit house wack lame RAP??? if I can call it that acts coming out today. Soulja boy being the obvious example but to many to name right now. That's a rant for another post for another day.

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I hate when people use bad spelling and grammar without meaning to. i just say "CMON SON" every time i see someone spell "they are" like "their".



I hate pretty boy br0 fags from the burbs that think their "hood"...


:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :rolleyes: :mad: :(

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