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Baby Dumpling Surprise

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Chile weightlifter has unexpected baby during training





Chilean Olympic weightlifter Elizabeth Poblete has given birth to a baby boy during a training session, without having known she was pregnant.

Ms Poblete, 22, who lives in Brazil, said she had felt unwell but had had no idea she was expecting a baby.

The boy was three months premature and was taken to hospital with his mother, where he remains in intensive care.

The hospital in Sao Paulo denied reports it forced Ms Poblete to leave after she was unable to pay for care.

Ms Poblete began to feel unwell during training on 8 December, as she was preparing to take part in a competition.

Shortly after, she gave birth to a baby weighing only 1.2kg (2.25lbs) and measuring about 34cm (14 inches).

Both were taken to hospital in Sao Paulo but Ms Poblete has since been discharged, reportedly telling local media she could not afford to continue receiving treatment.

Ms Poblete came 12th in the 75kg women's category at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.





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I'd love to know what sort of juice head drugs this bitch was taking that fucked up her period so bad that she didn't realize she was missing her cycle for six months and cuased her to give birth to a child three months pre-mature.




Probably testosterone judging by the look of her.

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Mom of baby rescued from toilet wanted for theft






Two Winnipeg police officers who helped a woman after she delivered a baby into a toilet on Sunday had gone to her home to arrest her.


Police spokesman Const. Jason Michalyshen told CBC News that Heather Richard, 32, was supposed to be arrested for her alleged involvement in a pair of thefts.


When they arrived at the Flora Avenue home, the undercover officers heard a commotion. Once inside, they discovered Richard had just delivered a five-pound, nine-ounce baby boy into the toilet bowl.


Amidst the panic and confusion, the officers moved in and took control of the situation by rescuing the unresponsive newborn from the water and giving it CPR until it started breathing.


Paramedics then arrived and rushed the boy to hospital in critical condition, police said.


Michalyshen said Richard is still wanted by police in connection with the incidents, which happened last year and in 2007.


Police are backing off the arrest for now given that she just gave birth, but they intend to take her into custody at an appropriate time later.


Michalyshen said there's nothing in Richard's past to suggest she might flee from police in the meantime.



(this is a follow-up...it doesn't mention that she was also completely unaware of the fact the she was pregnant. in a TV interview her parents called her a "hefty girl". stay classy!)

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that baby will grow up to read the articles & know he/she were born into a toilet


think of all the things this child will want to achieve from then on


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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more lulz



The day she gave birth she was in bed at her boyfriend's house. Her water broke.

"We had intercourse," she says. "All of a sudden I felt a gush and I thought, 'Oh (expletive). I pissed myself.' "


At 11:30, she got into bed.

Half an hour later, she took a bath.

"I thought I had to crap," she says. "I could feel something hard in my belly. I thought, 'Oh my God that's a big crap.' "

At 1:20, she went to call an ambulance for her pain but had to rush back to the bathroom.

"I thought, 'What the (expletive).' I didn't know it was a baby. I thought it was my intestines. When I looked closer I saw that it was my baby. His head was in the water."

She tilts her head to demonstrate. The baby's mouth and nose were clear of the toilet water.

"I yelled for Dwayne (her 15-year-old brother). 'Come and get my baby out of the toilet!'"

He was no help.

"He froze. He's like 'Eff that.' "

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