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MLB 2010... Early thread..


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lol pirates lost 20-0 yesterday 8-0 the game before that and 8-1 the game before that. i mean what can you expect from a $34 million team. A-rod makes $33 mill a year. Fuckin mlb is bullshit.


well then how do you explain the yankees losing 22-0 in 2004 to the Indians! the worst shutout in history... its not the payroll so much as heart and tallent...

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i explain it as a fluke an aberration even a blind skwerl finds a nut sometimes.

Yankees probably got they hands on some uncut white the night before the game.

Up all night blowing half gram lines scaring the stomach acid back down with shots of

JD... Actually fuck that. Probably drinking that Louis XIII de Rémy Martin not giving

a fuck the bottle cost more than my car and perhaps my life.


Either that or the commissioner's granddaughter was getting married. The old man made a few

phone calls and the groom to be put his lifes savings on the most unlikely spread

known to baseball... Kinda like betting the farm that the Lions are going 16-0

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Late game against sf. Halladay on the hill. Go phils....


halladay was 0-1 before going into tonights games, and a no decision, both times he allowed 5 earned runs and pitched less than 7 innings, and tonight goes home with another loss and aloows 5 more runs, if it were the sanchez before the no-no he would have given up at least eight runs, but the new and improved sanchez allowed 1 earned run and it was on a utley groundout.....



its still unsure whether the giants are skipping wellemeyer's atart tomorrow since we have thursday off, but if he does start, he's going to get raped by the phills line up, go giants, tied with the padres in the west for first place....

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Liriano had a hell of a game for the Twins against the Tigers last night, pitching-wise - our offense is still having issues with leaving men on base. Four hits scattered over 8 full innings with 10 Ks and one BB is a hell of a night for him. If anybody remembers what he was like when he pitched alongside Johan Santana in 2006 before getting TJ and subsequently struggling through 2008 and 2009, this is pretty close. Offensively, we had to capitalize on errors, but that is all a part of the game; a win is a win.

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