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I found this humorous

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Arthur Ellis was the pseudonym of Arthur B. English, a British man who became Canada's official hangman in 1913, after Radclive's death. Ellis worked as a hangman in Canada until the botched execution of Thomasina Sarao in Montreal in 1935, in which she was decapitated.


He died in poverty in Montreal in July, 1938.

post up random things you find amusing

as you go about ur lives doing research on the internets

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The highest point in Pennsylvania is lower than the lowest point in Colorado.



CHECKBOOK… balances. The bottom half of each letter mirrors the top.




To discover whether a number is divisible by 11, add the digits that appear in odd positions (first, third, and so on), and separately add the digits in even positions. If the difference between these two sums is 0 or a multiple of 11, the original number is divisible by 11. Otherwise it’s not.


For example:


11 × 198249381729 = 2180743199019


Sum of digits in odd positions = 2 + 8 + 7 + 3 + 9 + 0 + 9 = 38


Sum of digits in even positions = 1 + 0 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 1 = 16


38 – 16 = 22


22 is a multiple of 11, so 2180743199019 is as well.

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Rectal prolapse is caused by the weakening of the ligaments and muscles that hold the rectum in place. In most people, the anal sphincter is weak. Rectal prolapse is often associated with the following conditions: advanced age, long term constipation, long term diarrhea, long term straining during defecation, high gastrointestinal helminth loads, pregnancy and stresses of childbirth, previous surgery, cystic fibrosis, COPD, and sphincter paralysis.

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