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It's my first winter on the east coast, it's cold as fuck and I'm already sick.


What are people's tricks for beating the cold weather?


I've been drinking hot toddy's for the last two days. The dangerous thing about them is that they feel like a breakfast drink, so I feel no guilt making myself one as soon as I wake up.




Sorry Grandma, but fuck your brandy. Whiskey or nothing.





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Just take vitamin c and Echinacea.

Wash your hands/use anti-bacterial wash frequently.


Catching a cold is more about germs than just being in a cold climate.


I don't know if it is colder where you are at than it is in Germany, but I didn't get sick last year and probably won't this year either.

Actually, I have never had a flu shot and haven't had the flu since elementary school...and haven't had a cold in probably 10 years.

I chalk it up to drinking lots of water and taking a multi-vitamin or chomping on some vitamin c every day.

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ok. i gotta ask. what is a hot toddys?


hot water

lemon zest





I boil the water w lemon zest and cloves, then add whiskey lemon juice and honey in the cup. It's a medicinal drink invented by the Irish I think.



not my picture



EDIT PS: cloves are like 9 dollars at the supermarket? It's fucking crazy, they're tiny. Take that shit.

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blood fart you're actually in Germany? I thought that was a joke.


w/ windchill it's like 20's/30's here, only getting colder though. I was talking to the crossing guard the other day while waiting for the bus, she said in the morning it was 9 degrees w/ the windchill. And unfortunately, I ride a bike. But it's getting to the point I might buy a bus pass and put the bike up for a couple months.


I just downloaded a lot of garage/surf rock yesterday because I am seriously missing California.

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I seem to have beat a cold recently by just sleeping it off. I felt like shit Monday, then slept all day Tuesday and by Wednesday morning I felt about 80% better.


I like the garlic/ginger/lemon juice cure. It stinks but it seems to work. Astragalus tincture helps, too. You can get it at any health food store. Echinacea is better before the fact, and kind of a waste when you're already sick.

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Yeah, I am really in Germany.

I don't really pay attention to the temp., I just deal with it.

I still ride my bike to work in the morning, even when it rains.

There has been ice on the cars, but not the street so far.

One of the ladies I work with said it was 0-1degrees out, so that is 32-33...but as long as the wind isn't blowing, it doesn't seem all that cold.

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in my experince you get ill when you dont look after yourself. can be in the summer or winter, it doesnt matter...


example: working lots of hours combined with lots of stress with a pinch of not eating well and a touch of excessive drinking / smoking left me with a cuntingly (new word?) bad cold a few weeks ago. knocked me for 6...


i spent 2 days on the sofa wrapped up in blankets, sweating the fucker out with plenty of oj and water.

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^hmmmm, helpful, thanks.




perhaps I'm overdoing it with these toddy's, the fifth I bought last night is going going gone.

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