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i will pry your fingernails off one by one. rape your girlfriend and your mom in front of you then gouge out your eyes and stick a pen in your dick, skin you, then tie you up to the telephone lines downtown and let you die a slow horrible death.



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make someone drink a gallon of water then put a close pen on the dick hole.


tie them up



worse feeling in the world is holding in your piss i think if you didnt piss ur balder would exsploed and you would die a slow and pain full death


i win

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I'll fuckin' I'll fuckin' make you sit in my lazy boy recliner, watching sports center, while eating chocolate chip cookies, and drinking milk.



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The pathologists report later revealed that prolonged torture had taken place using everyday tools such as pincers, pliers and clamps — examples of all of these were found in the vault. Wendy Abraham QC, the deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, reported at the Supreme Court of South Australia that the victims were forced to call their torturers 'God', 'Master', 'Chief Inspector' and 'Lord Sir'.


Ray Davies was garrotted with a piece of rope and a tyre lever after being placed in a bath, attacked with clubs, repeatedly beaten about his genitals and having a toe crushed with a pair of pliers.


Frederick Brooks received electric shocks to his penis and testicles, and had a burning sparkler pushed down into his penis; after his toes were crushed and his nose and ears burned with cigarettes, he was allowed to choke to death on his gag.


A piece of the flesh of the eleventh and final victim, David Johnson, was fried and eaten by Bunting and Wagner.

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