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Flight attendant takes picture of obese passenger; complains to boss

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Economy class flights are cramped at the best of times, so imagine being stuck next to someone so large they take up half the aisle, too.

This image was captured by an air stewardess who wanted to demonstrate to her boss exactly why obese passengers should be made to buy an extra seat.

The photograph has since appeared on web forums used by flight attendants, where many appeared to agree with the crew member.


One user posted the comment: 'Sympathise with the guy or not, he's a major safety hazard in an evacuation and a gross inconvenience for the cabin crew.'

The photograph is believed to have been taken during an American Airlines flight. It is not clear if the passenger was asked to move before the flight took off.

Though the carrier has not confirmed whether the photograph was taken on one of its flights, a spokesman insisted that obstructing the aisle would be a safety hazard.


'Certainly no passenger would ever be allowed to fly in any way that obstructs the aisles of the aircraft,' he said. 'It is very obvious in the photo that the aircraft is not in-flight at the time the photo was taken - other passengers are still boarding and several overhead bins are still open.'


In a statement, the company added: 'At this time American Airlines is unable to confirm whether or not the image referred to was taken by a member of flight crew but will investigate the situation internally to determine if any of the airline's strict policies were not correctly applied.

'American Airlines’ primary concern is for the safety and comfort of its passengers and crews and consequently passengers are advised to book two seats if they are concerned that they will require them.


'If a flight is not full, however, passengers' needs would be accommodated without charge wherever possible.'


Many airlines already offer seatbelt extensions to larger passengers in order that they can meet safety regulations, however several, including American Airlines, already advise buying two seats instead of one.

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Your fatness may give you a get out of jail card but it does not stop you from being rejected from airlines and being ridiculed by others around the world FATTY

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Thats horrible. Seriously a big safety hazard. Problem is...what guide lines could be set where someone would be forced to buy two seats. Then the companies become greedy and start to judge every heavy person out there. All in all I think its disgusting to be that fat. I know some people have 'health issues" but a lot of it is theyre just plain fucking lazy and eat too damn much.

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That is true there are people with thyroid problems and poor genetics but there is a line that all of them cross. Honestly, I don't have any sympathy well I don't have much for the morbidly obese. They were not born with some fuckin disease which inflates em. No one can convince me that they should be held as a medical case. They are fat as fuck and got themselves where they're at.



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