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Dubai, a fantasy land built on greed and slaves

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That crossed my mind, then I realized that they make the US look damned good.


Agreed, the carbon footprint per capita was a shock.

However I live in the US in one of those irrigated deserts that has to have water imported.

But still ......

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........words cannot express the rage i feel..........


Here it is...




When I "found" it "someone" had left it out unlocked in front of a bathhouse. Once I swapped out Big Blue for the Jeff Stryker Pro Model and filled the tires with Astroglide, I realized that it was the ride that I had always dreamed about.

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I knew this place was scary when I heard about them finding weed particles in your luggage and locking you up.


I really had no idea about the slaves - but it makes much sense as to how they built this shit so fast.


This really makes me sick but I'm glad I don't live in that putrid desert shithole.

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I like the reference to Mexicans in New York. It's a valid point that immigrants, wherever they are, always have to endure substandard living conditions. Having the decency to treat all people humanely is something that nations/societies/individuals usually learn after years and years of looking the other way. Pretty much every western power is an easy example of this.


I don't know why this author was so suprised that none of these expats gave a shit about the immigrant slave class. I mean, these sick fucks choose to live in Dubai because they "party every day." They party, every day, in fucking Dubai. No fucking thanks. Not exactly the types you would expect to be up in arms about the suffering of the powerless. I am upset.

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I like the reference to Mexicans in New York. It's a valid point that immigrants, wherever they are, always have to endure substandard living conditions.


That's not true.


Western immigrants to places like China, Vietnam, India, South Africa, etc. pretty much never endure the same substandard living conditions that many of the locals do.

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I've been saying for years that Dubai would soon become the world's most mindblowing ghost city.


there is an 'index' that was popularized by an austrian economist called the 'sky scraper index.'

and it basically details the tallest sky scrapers are built during unsustainable booms fueled by central bank credit. the taller they are built... the more likely hood of a serious collapse.


note: dubai now has the tallest sky scraper.

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Awesome read. I already knew about the absurd existance of Dubai but the depth of this article was just nuts.


Just in case you all don't know this phenomenon already, those workers aren't really immigrants.

It's imported labour: a modern, very global trend.


Basically these companies fool poor, uneducated people to buy work visas and plane tickets for debt, import them to work on constructions with no social security, health care, passports or civil rights. The contractor usually "looks away", as it doesn't need to worry about paying the workers, just the company. The company is often all legit and transparent, so local authorities are probably unaware or too slow to react.It's a very good business, and a tempting offer for any type of contractor. There are just some legal issues that need to be settled, plus a non-existant moral dilemma.


Indeed it's usually left to the local unions or health officials to bring attention to these issues, because it's basically always legal and customized after the local legislation. The companies "take care about everything", so the workers are just a faceless bunch living in barracks. The package deal includes company obtaining thei passports, probably for the paperwork and legal stuff. This also works to render any deserter an illegal immigrant, thus making it a less desirable option.

The forementioned debt which also applies to the worker's family stresses the same point as well.


Although this happens everywhere, the worst are shitholes like Dubai where the companies get no trouble from local labour laws, unions, human rights associations, nothing. Just like the article described.

Modern slavery!

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lisping child


The surprise that you had behind that curtain was no greater and no less than the surprise we once had when the Indian Ambassador took wow gold the silk cloth off the gold cage which his master the High King had sent us, and we saw the bird Parrot for the first time with his emerald feathers and ruby necklet and heard him say, 'Hail Caesar, Father of the Country!' It was not the remarkableness of the phrase, for any little lisping child wow gold

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