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80's-90's MEMORIES

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Fair enough. But now I have to explain why I was being a pussy. You’ll laugh because the hair ain’t the worst  but that five head!!  Oh my.    Reality is - it was a time when I was physically a

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although canada has an mtv link now back in the day when music channels actually played music videos, and still, canada's mtv equivalent is/was MuchMusic.




everyday at like noon they would have "The Pepsi Power Hour" which was an all metal show, that was followed by "Rap City"... we would barely be at school anyways but those two shows were on heavy rotation in my younger years for sure.


looking back shit was pretty funny as, at least for a few years, the two shows shared the same host "Michael Williams" a black dude that would like literally do the power hour then flip his hat around n throw on some ice-t like stunna shades on to rock rapacity.




on his behalf he was pretty solid in hind site, even though we used to laugh at the guy for the puppet(s) he was portraying. music lover for sure and amidst an era where two "against the grain" music forms were beginning to blossom and transcending the music industry landscape.


michael williams, respect to you n yours from a hater turned adult turned understanding type been there done that old dude:




oh, and RIP adam yauch from a once non admirer turned respectful old fuck.

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Naw but that looks like somethin I woulda been all over.


On some like Big Brother vs Vice vs L.S.D type shit I'm guessin, fuck those magazines back in the day had my flavor shit was dope back then literally a buncha dick head kids catchin some coin andprolly some buddies that went to college puttin somethin dope out.


Like doin somethin, love it. Love that drive, I live by that drive WHERE THE FUCK IS PEOPLES DRIVE!!??


I'm sure there's a ton of Internet blogs/sites/forums/borums that are comparable, some even level perhaps I'm just to boxed in an outside of the box way.


Best part of being an outside the boxist living in a box is zero regrets and zero "missed outs" people from the Era that anyone posting/reading/remembering/smirking about in this thread are all cut from the same shit and I don't care what nobody says or feel like an 8track saying "those were the days".


I ain't bogged down by living in the past, consumed by nowadays consumerisms or a grumpy old man about it because the fuck is that time for this niche was something special and that time for this niche was something creatively creative something that we all know is a dying quality of life in the gen pop of the world.


All in all, one good fuckin time to grow up bein a rebellious asshole.

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